5 Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning


Save Money On Air Conditioning

As the hot summer approaches, the electricity bills are on their new high. The summer in Australia, and especially in Melbourne, is lovely. The part where it brings a significant electricity bill is debatable for most people. Summertime in Melbourne is easy as long as you have a constantly running air conditioner. Continually running the air conditioner also brings a significant change in the bill prices. Let’s look at five ways to save major money on air conditioning.

This will be a game-changer for your future bills.

  1. Turn Off The Air Conditioner At Night:

The evenings in Melbourne are cooler than the day; the cool breeze in the night can give the same pleasure as a split system. This is the main reason why you should turn off your air conditioner at night. After you turn off your split system at night, you will see a day and night difference in your electricity bill. So, sleep peacefully and enjoy some nocturnal bill saving.

  1. Clean Your Split System:

Have a thorough cleaning of your air conditioner before summer so that you can make sure that your air conditioner runs at its peak performance. Clean the air filters regularly with plain water to clean out any dirt and debris. The dirt and debris, along with pollen, will block the air conditioner’s airflow, which hinders the performance. It means you will have to run the air conditioner longer than the desired time resulting in higher bill prices.

  1. Minimal Thermostat:

On a sweltering hot day, you will be tempted to set the temperature as low as possible, but lower the thermostat = higher the bill price. 24 degrees is known as a sweet spot for the air conditioner regardless of the air conditioner size. Set your thermostat on 24 degrees and enjoy 30% more savings on your electricity bill than before.

Setting a timer on your split system is a great practice to keep track of your usage. A timer can help you determine how much time your air conditioner will run and which hour it will power off. By setting the minimal thermostat and a timer, you fix the temperature and put the hours your air conditioner will operate. Set, forget, and sleep peacefully.

  1. Get A Shade

Usually, homes with a shade tend to be cooler. It helps the home stay cooler even without a need for an air conditioner. When you have a shade at home, your air conditioner won’t have to work hard to achieve the desired temperature, and your bill is reduced. You cannot take the sun out of Melbourne, but you can take your home from the sun by installing a shade.

Even if you do not have the time and money to install a shade at your home, you can do a quick fix. The quick fix involves setting linen curtains to block the sun and not allow the rays to enter your home. Keep that sun where it belongs, and it does not belong in your home for sure. After setting the shades, you will see a noticeable difference in the overall ventilation and air conditioner cooling.

  1. Say No To Useless Appliances:

Television, lamps, computers, laptops, and kitchen ovens are heat-emitting appliances often running continuously. All of these appliances will force your air conditioner to work harder, consuming more electricity. No matter the air conditioner size, the compressor will work harder. Turn off those appliances, including the big bulbs, and find a difference in cooling.

Summing Up:

Small practices like servicing and taking care of the environment around you can help you save a lot on electricity bills in summer. These practices require little to no effort and are the most effective ones. The critical takeaway is to get your air conditioner serviced by an HVAC professional.

To learn more about saving major money on air conditioning, contact ComfyHome Heating & Cooling or call 1300 266 394.

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