5 Ways To Turn A Shabby Backyard Into Something Amazing


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You’ve been putting off your dream backyard transformation for way too long. You’ve pinned all kinds of posts for inspiration, you’ve watched home improvement shows, and you’ve even bought some tools from the hardware store to help you out. But, for some reason, you still haven’t started, and it might be because you’re at a loss on where to start.

It’s easy to feel guilty and bad about the current state of your backyard, especially when you know its potential. You have the image in your head, but you don’t know how to get there. But, you shouldn’t feel too bad about it because a lot of homeowners have been there. Cut yourself some slack; not all people are natural handymen or gardening geniuses.

While there are some things you can easily DIY, there are other projects that will take some knowledge, expertise, and experience. If you have a grand plan to convert your backyard into your very own paradise, you’ll need to get some experts to help you out.

Your best option is to contact a professional landscaper. There are all kinds of services offered by expert landscaping businesses. Click here to find out more about what they can assist you with. But, you’ll still need to get a clear vision of how you want your backyard to look. To get an idea of how you can accomplish this backyard makeover, take a look at these suggestions:

  1. Reshape Through Landscaping

Garden Landscape

As mentioned, professional landscaping is your best option. Landscapers can help you with everything you need, from gardening to irrigation installment. They can even help you build patios, retaining walls, and even larger landscaping projects.

A lot of the methods and materials landscapers use aren’t known by everyday people. You can have some gardening knowledge, but it won’t be enough to start a full-scale backyard overhaul. But, landscaping services are pretty flexible as these can also help you out with maintenance work like pruning hedges, lawn mowing, mulching, leaf removal, feeding, and others.

  1. Add A Flower Garden

Flower Garden

Flowers are fantastic ways to add color to your garden. You can add flower beds or make small backyard changes by starting with a few potted plants. You can even have a flowering wall vine for a striking effect.

However, you’ll need to consider what kinds of flowers can grow in your area. Also, where you position seasonal flowers can change your garden’s color and look, depending on the time of year. Be strategic about the combination of flowers you pick and where you position them. Don’t forget to consider the difficulties you might encounter in raising and maintaining them.

  1. Add A Kitchen, Dining Area, And Herb Garden

Vertical Herb Garden

Backyard barbecues and outdoor meals can be such a fun way to spend time with your loved ones. That’s precisely how backyards should be used. It can be challenging to do that if your backyard is in disarray or doesn’t have the equipment to make it comfortable.

Adding a small kitchen, grill, and an outdoor dining area will persuade everyone to do more backyard activities. You can have your morning coffee there, sit and read a book in the afternoon, and prepare dinner for the whole family. If you love to cook, adding a small herb garden is a great way to get some fresh herbs while beautifying the backyard.

  1. Build A Deck With A Sitting Area

Garden Furniture

If you prefer a more relaxing sitting area, try building a deck with a sitting area. This is great for anyone who loves to lounge about under the sun. During the nighttime, you can have a small outdoor theater with a projector set up.

Garden furniture is meant to be used outdoors, and there are various pieces you can choose from. Rope, wooden, and bamboo furniture fits well for a more natural or tropical-themed backyard. Glass and metal furniture are perfect for a more modern or high-end taste. However, if you like a more low-maintenance garden furniture set, go for plastic. They’re easy to clean up, can last a long time, and can come in different designs.

  1. Freshen It Up With A Water Feature

Water Feature

Adding more natural elements can make your backyard more relaxing. Water features are especially effective in calming people. You can commit to bigger projects, like building a waterfall or a stream. However, more manageable options like building a pond, adding a fountain, or simply putting a birdbath, are lovely. Adding water or a waterfall you’ll need to make sure the water has plenty of aeration, or oxygen bubbles in the water especially if you have fish. You can find more details from Living Water Aeration, and they even have water ponds and other things you may consider adding to your great project.

Water features can bring some movement to a garden or any backyard. They’re also interesting focal points or art pieces that can make any area more charming.


There are all kinds of ways you can transform your backyard, but you’ll have to be true to your tastes and what makes you happy. Making it into a conventionally attractive backyard is good, but it’s even better to remodel it into an area that makes you happy and satisfied.

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