5 Ways to Turn Your House Into A Home


Your home should be your sanctuary, somewhere where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy all year round. But if your house feels like somewhere you live, it’s time to make a change. Whether you get your hands on some multi aperture photo frames to display your favorite photos or invest in some colorful throws for your living room. There are plenty of ways to make your house more relaxing and inviting without breaking the bank.

  1. Put Your Favourite Photos On Display

Put Your Favourite Photos On Display

In this digital age, many of us are guilty of merely uploading our photos to our various social media channels and hoarding them on our phones. But printing off and displaying your favorite photos is the perfect way to turn your house into a home and have all of your favorite memories on display

If you can’t choose your favorite photos from your Instagram grid, then multi aperture photo frames are the perfect solution. With a vast range of aperture photo frames available, you’re able to display all of your favorite photos in the most aesthetically-pleasing way.

They’re perfect for displaying all of your snaps from your girls’ holiday, your favorite wedding photos. Whether your house is super-modern, or you prefer the shabby-chic look – you’ll be able to find the perfect multi-aperture picture frame for you.  From charming, shabby-chic style frames to sleek, ultra-modern multi-aperture frames, there’s a style of frame to suit everyone’s tastes.

Add Some Candles

Add Some Candles

If you’re looking to make your home feel more homely, you cannot go wrong with candles. Candles can help to transform any room, adding a soothing, flickering light that’ll help you to relax and chill out. Scented candles can also add a subtle fragrance to your home. Whether you opt for a relaxing, lavender scent or an uplifting, floral smell – scented candles can immediately make you feel happy to be home.

Alternatively, if you don’t trust yourself with open flames, a fancy reed diffuser will have the same effect as a scented candle without the risk of setting your house on fire. 

  1. Hang Fairy Lights

Hang Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are no longer reserved for the Christmas tree – they’re the perfect way to make your home look magical all year round. Whether you hang them in the garden, bedroom, or living room, fairy lights can add a cozy, boho feels to your home.

You can even hang fairy lights around your multi aperture photo frames to draw attention to your photos and add an extra-magical touch to your photo display.

  1. Rugs

Attractive Rugs For Home Decor

Whether you lay them by your bed, under your coffee table, or next to your sofa – rugs are an affordable way to make your home feel cozy and inviting. Big, fluffy rugs will make your home feel extra warm and comfortable. It’s always worth adding a soft, fluffy rug next to your bed, so it’s the first thing you think when you get up each morning.

Adding a rug can bring any room together, making it look more chic and premium. It can also inject a little bit of color into a room, so don’t be afraid to opt for a big, colorful rug if the rooms are otherwise a little bit bare.

  1. Make It Welcoming From The Start

Home Decoration

If you want your home to feel homely and inviting, then you want to add extra touches from the minute you walk through the door. A welcome mat outside your front door will make your home feel a little bit more cozy, as well as preventing muddy feet trudging through your house! With a massive range of doormats available, you can genuinely tailor yours to your personality.

As you walk through the door, you don’t want to be greeted by an empty hallway! You want a bright, inviting entrance to welcome you and your guests into your house. You should always start with your lighting configuration, adding a statement pendant light will not only illuminate the space, but it will add a chic, premium feels to your home.

You could also try adding a table with some homely features, such as flowers and photo frames, to make you feel right at home from the minute you step through the door.

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  1. You made a good point that being in the digital age shouldn’t stop people from framing their favorite photos and use them to decorate a room. I’ve been archiving a lot of albums from multiple vacation trips in my social media accounts so I have a lot to choose from. I think it would be also be good to hang some framed art photographs for interior design.



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