5 Ways To Update An Old Dresser Or Chest


Vintage Dresser

Whether you’ve found a bargain piece at a local market, or you’re looking to reinvent some of your current furniture, it’s easy to update your old dresser or chest, whatever your style. The wicker dressers can add a nice modern touch to your home decor. It features a smooth and high-quality finish in black, grey, or barley.

  1. Paint

Safavieh American Homes Collection Jackson Grey 4-Drawer Storage Unit

Painting is a simple and fun way of changing your chest or dresser’s look. This is the easiest way to give your furniture a makeover without pouring too much money or time into the project. Be bold and completely reinvent your dresser with an accent colour to add brightness to a room or opt for a playful pastel. If you don’t want to disturb the rest of your space, then go for a refined, muted neutral for a more understated and friendly fit. Changing your furniture’s colour is also a great way to work with your space, for example, if you’re feeling cramped then pick a crisp white to open up the room.

  1. Get Creative

Spice Islands Mandalay 6 Drawer Dresser

Paint doesn’t have to be just one solid colour; you can be as expressive as you like. Painting your dresser or chest with chalkboard paint will give you an interactive and relaxed piece. This is an excellent option for you to draw temporary designs or to write your shopping and chore lists on as other organisational reminders for you and the kids. If you’re looking for a little more visual excitement, you can buy painting stencils for picture-perfect patterns or let your inner artist shine and go freehand for some individualistic creative designs.

  1. Refurbish

Household Essentials Hand-Woven Paper Rope 3-Drawer Chest

By sanding down or applying paint stripper to your cabinet, you’ll reveal the original wood that’s been hiding under its embellishments. If you like the look of the base material, apply a wood varnish to let the natural charm of the piece shine. Reinforcing furniture can be time-consuming, but this DIY project is super transformative and rewarding.

  1. Switch Out The Hardware

Safavieh American Homes Collection Damien Dark Cherry 3 Drawer Storage Unit

Changing handles and other metalware has the potential to reinvent or enhance the look of your dresser or cabinet. You can hunt for different embellishments at homeware stores, haberdashery shops or markets to find some unique pieces. This is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to alter the look and feel of your furniture, to modernise a piece switch to a striking metal like brass or copper. To achieve a classic look then go for hardware with scalloped edges, or if you want to bring some eclecticism to your home, you can also find handles which are colourful, beaded or mosaic for a beautifying effect.

  1. Alter The Height

Stix N Things Santa Cruz 6 Drawer Wicker Dresser

Maybe you don’t want to change your dresser or cabinet look, but the function too? Cropping the legs on your furniture can completely alter where and how you use it. If you do a big chop, you can use a dresser as an entry table in your hallway. If you’re feeling handy, then you can switch out the legs for some extra height on a chest to use as a coffee table in your living or entertainment rooms.

Whichever way you decide to go about it, transforming an old or uninspiring chest or dresser will add some new life into your home. Upcycling is a great option for those who want to make the most of the furniture that they have or if they don’t have the budget for entirely new pieces while being kind to our environment! Get inventive with your dresser or chest to create a piece of furniture that is truly unique to you, to find some inspiration and accessories hop onto 1825 Interiors to spark your imagination.

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