5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home This Year


Home Renovation 2022

If you feel like your home is not quite as fashionable as it should be, or you’re not using the space as well as you might, there are ways you can tackle that problem. You can look at different rooms and options. Depending on what style appeals to you and how much money you have, you can probably get it looking the way you want without much trouble.

We’ll talk about ways you can potentially upgrade your home in 2022 right now.

Add A Bedroom Window Treatment

Revamping your bedroom with the latest trends is possible, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to do it. You likely spend plenty of time in your bedroom, and you want to feel comfortable there.

However, you should also look around it and feel like you’ve done as much with the space as possible.

You can add a window treatment that should not cost all that much but will give the room an entirely new dimension. A window treatment is a modification or cover that you add to the window that does not involve replacing it or doing major construction work.

When you do a window treatment, you’re aiming to improve the aesthetic. For instance, you might add some elaborate drapes. You can check out online to get some ideas, or you might take a stroll through Bed, Bath, and Beyond if there’s one close to your house.

You can do a “hard treatment,” which involves adding aluminum, vinyl, or wood features, but that can get expensive quickly. Curtains or drapes don’t usually cost as much, and they come in so many different colors and styles. That’s the budget-friendly way to change the bedroom’s light and color scheme.

Create Open Spaces

If you check out home décor magazines, you’ll probably see the term “open concept” before too long. An open concept often means tearing down walls to create larger living spaces, but that might not be an option for you. You may only have load-bearing walls, and you can’t very well tear one of those down to improve your aesthetics.

Instead, you can give the appearance that you’ve opened up more space without any major renovations. The simplest way to do it is to rid of your bulkiest and biggest furnishings.

If you have a huge armoire or cabinet, think about smaller, lighter pieces that you can bring in to replace them. If you really want to keep them, then painting them an off-white or warm color will help them vanish into the room. Obviously, they will still be there, but the warm or off-white color will trick the eye.

Get Some New Lighting Options

You can also change a lot about how your home looks simply by adjusting the lighting. This is one of the cost-effective ways to transform your home’s appearance without spending a ton of money.

Look at all the rooms in your home and identify any poorly lit ones. Notice how small or cramped they seem. Then, think about where you can add some decorative lamps.

You might get some table lamps if you have a place for them, or you could go with standing ones if that makes more sense. Side table lamps make for a warmer, cozier room.

You can also replace your ceiling light fixtures if you feel like you have some old or outdated ones. If you do that, though, you’re moving into more expensive territory. It’s at least worth considering, though.

The proper overhead lighting can brighten up the space considerably, but it can also act as the room’s centerpiece, especially if you get a polished brass fixture or something along those lines.

Update Your Cabinets

You might not think about your cabinets very much, especially in the kitchen. You may not realize how much work they’re doing. Yes, they hold your cooking utensils, but they also draw the eye. If you have old or ugly handles or drawer pulls, that won’t do your overall aesthetic any favors.

You can change all that by updating the handles and drawer pulls, or else you can paint the cabinets an eye-catching color. You might even decide to do both.

You have so many cabinet options from which you can choose. Instagram or Pinterest are your friends in this situation as well.

You might go with a shiny stainless-steel look. You can go for brushed nickel, bronze, or aged copper. They sound like they would cost a lot of money, but most don’t.

With knobs and cabinetry, there are no rules. You can have a modern kitchen or a country-style one, as long as the option you choose will not look incongruous when you consider what you have in the rest of the house.

Use A Room That’s Sitting Empty

You can also create a new room sometimes. If you have no space whatsoever that you’re not using, this is impossible, but it might surprise you how many people have a room they’ve decided to essentially discard or use for storage.

You can consider using the basement or attic, even if they’re not “finished.” You can set up a throw rug for color and add some overstuffed chairs. You can set up some interesting lighting effects if you string lights that softly mute the space.

If you own your home and want to literally add a new room, you might also find that creating one does not cost as much money as you might suspect. You might install a pergola and add to it with an outdoor heater and some privacy curtains. If you add a music source and a rollout wine bar, you can have an outdoor hangout spot that still adjoins the house.

Remember, creativity is your friend if you want to redo your home, and so is social media. You can browse pictures and get some ideas. You can probably come up with some additional notions we didn’t mention that won’t cost significantly drain your bank account.

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