5 Ways To Use The Egg Pod Chair In Commercial Spaces


Commercial spaces are often the hardest to furnish because it can be challenging to find furniture that balances ergonomics with eclecticness. But the fun and cozy appeal of the Egg Pod chair rises to the challenge, so here are five ways you can use it in such a capacity:

  1. Ever Thought Of A Restaurant?


The Egg Pod chair is so larger than life and space-age inspired that hardly anyone ever thinks about featuring it in a commercial restaurant setting. However, both of these reasons are precisely why it should be a part of such a setup. You can use pairs of this chair in an eclectic co-working café where people come to get their work done. Or you can use it as specialized seating in a retro-themed restaurant. Surrounded by colorful pops and similarly unconventional surroundings, this chair would seem infinitely more fun and attractive.

  1. An Agile Work Space

Concept Of Furniture

The workspace revolution has taken the world by storm and is an excellent opportunity to change the depressing state of office interior designs. This is why the Egg Pod chair would be the perfect addition in an active working area where employees can choose to sit wherever they want. However they want, and get their work done. A cluster of these chairs can be matched up with other contrasting furniture and set up in a designated spot in the office where anyone is welcome.

  1. An Expo Setting


Thousands of technology inspired expos take place all around the world every day. There are a lot of stalls there, but do you know what makes them stand out? The presentation! The way they have been furnished with both gadgets and seating. So, the Egg Pod chair – in all of its futuristic glory – is the perfect way for you to furnish such stalls – especially when you want to make an instant impact.

  1. A Library Cluster


Libraries all around the world are evolving. There are no longer rigid tables where people constantly shush each other up while cramming next to each other. The era of only seating in such public spaces is finally here, and the Egg Pod chair is the perfect way to furnish such areas. The best part is that these chairs can be bought together in a formation that inspires interactive conversation. However, for anyone who wants to be left alone, it can be a haven.

  1. Large-Scale Lobby Seating


Large-scale lobbies in mixed-use buildings are one of the hardest negative spaces to fill out. They’re teeming with people during peak times but constantly remain empty otherwise. The trend of introducing sitting areas in such spaces has become quite common, and the Egg Pod chair is a great way to articulate this function. Its cozy appeal invites everyone to take a seat inside, so it’s the perfect way to furnish seldom empty circulation areas.

There are more commercial ways that you can use the Egg Pod chair in your spaces, but these are the five w that fits its aesthetic.

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