5 Ways Your Yard Can Help Improve Your Home’s Property Value


Yard To Improve Your Property Value

Having a stunning home is a wonderful thing. Nothing beats a nicely painted and maintained exterior, an elegant interior design motif, and many additional features that improve the home’s value. Home insurance quotes and prospective offers from buyers both depend on the value of your home, how well it’s maintained, and myriad other factors. But did you know improving certain aspects of your yard could increase the home’s value? It certainly can! In this article, we’ll tell you about five ways you can increase your home’s value with your yard.

Add Some Lights

Better lighting makes everything better! A well-lit path is safer, more secure, and easy on the eyes. Moreover, it adds some additional value to your home. Potential buyers love LED lighting. There’s just something about it that makes a place look good—not to mention its energy efficient. Recessed lighting can also add some aesthetic charm to an otherwise drab space. LED lighting, in particular, can increase home value by 1 – 3%. It might not seem like much, but every little bit helps. If you’re looking to move the home quickly, some lighting can catch a prospective buyer’s eye and be more likely to convince them to choose your home from their list of options.

Start A Garden

Having a garden is good for peace of mind and serenity. It’s nice to wander around amid the plants and flowers, enjoying a nice day and basking in the warm glow of the sun. Gardens are a good way to increase value. Now, we’re not talking about vegetable gardens here. We’re referring to the type of beautiful, lush garden that surrounds the exterior of a home and enhances its appearance. A while ago, Virginia Tech performed a study showing that most people perceive a lush garden to signify higher value for your home. Certain plants, placement, and quantity also improve curb appeal for a home.

Keep The Lawn Mowed

One of the best things you can do to improve curb appeal and add value to your home is to keep your lawn mowed and meticulously curated. Using a combination of weed eaters, trimmers, pruning shears, regular watering, and the trusty old lawn mower makes your maintenance routine easy. Electric EGO lawn mowers offer some advantages over the traditional gas-powered models. Whereas gas-powered models might emit more fumes and require additional fuel from time to time, electric motors simply require a battery. The inconvenience of gas cutting out every so often and being noisy can sometimes spoil the experience of mowing the lawn. Sure, it’s a little bit more convenient than doing it with a manual mower but going the extra mile and getting an electric mower means you’re helping the environment while more efficiently cutting your grass.

Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

If you want to increase your home’s value by a significant amount, then consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior. Paint isn’t just an aesthetic choice. It acts as a way to prevent damage to the home from weather and the sun (which will make your homeowners insurance providers happy). An elegant, good-looking home, we’ll have a lot of curb appeal if the paint doesn’t show any signs of peeling, cracking, or fading. Rejuvenating a home with fresh paint is one of the easiest things you can do to see a significant home value increase and improved curb appeal.

Build A Deck 

If you like to entertain, watch the sunset, or barbecue, having a deck is a gorgeous home accessory. Decks are friendly-looking and provide accessibility. Building a pressure-treated, elegant deck for your home greatly adds to its resale value of it. Not only that, but they make it easier to move around your home and provide access points to different parts of your yard. They’re also usually elevated, which means you can get a better vantage point under some circumstances. Sometimes, they can cost a little bit more than expected to build, be aware of that before exciting to make this addition to your home.

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