6 Areas You Didn’t Think Of Using Rubber Flooring


Life can be so much easier.

But often I miss the obvious answer. Recently I saw rubber flooring in a warehouse. Why didn’t I use it too?

Rubber flooring isn’t on every flooring merchant’s list. And the public is missing out.

I can’t have a do-over of my construction project. But here’s why you should consider it for you next one.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring

  • Absorbs sound: Rubber serves as a sound muffler. If you want fewer disturbances because of footsteps, this is your answer
  • Easy to install and remove: There are many different types of rubber flooring. You can put down rolls or cover your floor with interlocking mats yourself.
  • Eco-friendly: Most rubber flooring is PVC free. It insulates a room you’ll use less energy for heating.
  • Non-slip: The safety rating of rubber flooring is off the charts. This makes it ideal for areas you expect liquid spills or a lot of people walking at a fast pace. I imagine a restaurant kitchen, and I know this flooring will work there.
  • Hygienic: Rubber flooring is easy to clean so you can keep an area sanitary without much effort. Mildew can’t grow on rubber quickly so you can use it in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Rubber flooring helps you fight fatigue. This is my favourite feature of all. Who knew flooring could do this for you?

The shock resistance rubber flooring offers helps relieve strain on your leg muscles. This makes it ideal for areas where you’re on your feet all day.

Despite all these benefits, you probably still have doubts. Style is essential in-home and office areas. Can rubber communicate style?


Rubber flooring is available in many colours. You can have it cut up and assembled in a specific design that matches the rest of your décor.

Now you have no idea to doubt it.

Where will you use it?

  1. Kitchen

Rubber Flooring in Kitchen

Did you read the benefits? Most of them apply to your kitchen. After a long cooking spell, you’ll be less tired. And your floor is easily cleaned after everyone enjoyed their dinner. Do yourself a favour.  Give rubber flooring a try. A small rubber mat won’t change the effect of your stunning entrance hall. But it will help keep the rest of your house clean.

  1. Entrance Halls

Rubber Flooring in Entrance Halls

Placing rubber near your exterior doors forces people to walk over them. Excess water and dirt will stay behind. Rubber mats for this purpose are designed with bristles to retain most of the grime. This you can easily wipe or wash off later.

You can place it outside in the sun without causing damage. Because rubber is durable, it will look new for years.

  1. Basement

Rubber Flooring in Basement

Many house owners are hesitant to install flooring below floor level. The damp air in basements causes mold easily. Why put down flooring if it’s going to be ruined?

Rubber flooring is your answer. You can put in loose tiles if you want to clean and dry it occasionally.

  1. Kids’ Areas

Rubber Flooring in Kidsroom

If you’re struggling to keep kids’ rooms’ carpets clean, you’re fighting a losing battle.

You don’t even have to take out the carpets. Cover them with rubber tiles or wall to wall flooring.

When the children are old enough, you can take out the rubber.

I love this because I can pick colours according to children’s preferences. They love bright colours. I love practicality.

  1. Bedrooms

Rubber Flooring in Bedroom

Even older children may prefer rubber flooring. It has a modern feel and colours can align with their preferred themes.

If their preferences change, you can adjust the flooring accordingly.

Yes, most rubber flooring options are affordable. You don’t have to ruin your budget to decorate rooms anymore.

  1. On the Farm

I’m not a farmer. But I’ve visited enough family members’ farms to know of some challenges:

  • Hygiene
  • Busy schedules
  • High traffic areas

Place rubber flooring in warehouses and other farm buildings. They’ll handle the traffic, so your current floors take less strain. Cleaning is easy, and mildew can’t grow on rubber.

Problems solved.

A Few Don’ts

No flooring is perfect. Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your floor:

  • Rubber flooring can develop stains from oily substances. Speedy cleaning can prevent marks. Depending on where you use it, the flooring can deteriorate some overtime.
  • Rubber tiles have seams. Water run down these seams smoothly. This can ruin the flooring underneath. Don’t forget to clean under the rubber from time to time.

Rubber flooring doesn’t mean boring or ugly anymore. With improved manufacturing and a variety of colours, it’s appropriate for almost any space. If we look past the name to what this flooring offers, it opens up new possibilities. This flooring benefits everything: you, your body, the room and your budget. What else do you need?

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