6 Considerations When Choosing A Bathtub


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One of the simple pleasures of life is a warm bath at the end of a long day. And having the right tub in your bathroom makes a significant difference in this experience. But choosing a bathtub is not an easy task. With the array of options available to choose from, you need to consider several essential factors that will lead to the perfect purchase for a new home or a remodeling project.

  1. What Type Of Tubs Are Available?

Freestanding Bathtub

Tubs are categorized based on the experience one desires and installation. When you talk about experience, it refers to the various features that come along with the fixture. For example, tubs can have whirlpool jets and air jets. Some tubs are also designed for soaking, while a walk-in tub is meant for convenience.

Installation, on the other hand, mostly refers to how and where you want the tub located in your bathroom. Freestanding baths, built-in tubs, and drop-in tubs are some of your options. Based on these two factors alone, the selection process can get quite intimidating. As such, let us discuss further some additional factors so that you can easily narrow down your choices.

  1. Choosing The Right Type Of Experience

Soaking In A Bubble Bath

For someone who loves to soak in the bath, you need to consider size and depth. Your comfort is key to making sure that you get the right experience. If other people are using the tub, you also need to factor in what they want. For example, if there is a senior who will be using the tub, then perhaps a soak-in option is not the best choice.

  1. Adding A Shower

Shower Cubicle

The type of tub also determines whether you can add a shower or not. If you have a bigger bathroom, you can have a separate shower cubicle. But combining the two will help maximize space. Thus, think about the importance of having a shower and decide whether this feature is essential.

  1. Tub Size

Double Ended Bath

Tubs typically come in standard sizes, but it is possible to find the perfect specification for your bathroom, mainly if you have limited space. But even if you are replacing an old tub with the same standard specifications, you may want to measure carefully since there are variations from one manufacturer to another.

Choosing a tub for a new bathroom should not be done in a hurry. Take time to look at all your options and get a feel of what appeals to you. It is best to have a clear picture of what the completed bathroom will look like so that you end up with the perfect fixture for your needs.

  1. Cost

Perfect Fixture

The cost of the tub will depend on many things, such as material, size, finishing, and features. Decide on a budget so that you can easily narrow down a list of options. Remember that installation will also add to the expense; hence the more complex the fixture, the more expensive it is to install. To choose the best option, check the review of the best walk-in tubs of 2020 here. It fully presents the characteristics of various tub models, and you can find something suitable for yourself.

  1. Tub Design

Fashionable Freestanding Bathtub

The last thing to consider is design. Of course, you want a bathtub that fits your theme. The style needs to complement the rest of the bathroom seamlessly. You can choose from different colors, finishes, and materials, depending on your preferred interior design.


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