6 Creative Ways To Decorate With Outdoor Solar Lights


Solar lights are an appealing home décor choice. They look beautiful and cost nothing to use. All they need is a little sunlight, and they can brighten your lawn. There are many ways to customize the look of your lighting. The following ideas will help you find the perfect design for your living space.

  1. Guiding Lights In The Garden

Mood Garden Lighting

One of the easiest ways to decorate your garden with solar lights is to use them along walkways. They work well, whether you’re outlining a straight stretch of sidewalk or a curving stone path.

Make sure you measure beforehand so you know how many lights you’ll need to get the coverage you want. The more lights you have, the brighter the area will be. Lighting up walkways is also beneficial for safety reasons.

  1. Hanging Outdoor Party Lights

Hanging Outdoor Party Lights

Strings of solar lights can turn any patio into a party. Hang from tree branches along the exterior of your home, or use it to line fences. There’s a variety of bulb shapes and styles available. Some sparkle like tiny stars, while others feature large orbs that stand out. You can even find Edison bulbs, raindrop shapes, and fairy lights.

  1. Nautical Solar Lights

Solar Outdoor Landscape Lighting

If you live in a tropical location, lake house, or want to give your backyard a beachy look, solar lights can help. You’ll need stake lights and wooden pier posts of varying heights. Bundle the posts in groups of three using a rope. Wrap the rope at the same level, preferably in three or four passes.

Drill holes in the highest post on each bundle and insert a stake light. Then arrange your bundles together to add nautical style to your outdoor space.

  1. Repurposed Lamp Lights

Repurposed Lamp Lights

If you have old lamps lying around, consider repurposing them into outdoor solar lights. Remove the electrical components and cut off the power cord. You only need the lamp base. Slide the stake of outdoor solar light into the top, where the light bulb used to go. Now your upcycled lamps are ready to display!

You can customize them further by painting the base or spraying on a different finish before inserting the solar light. When finishing, make sure you choose a product that is made for outdoor use.

  1. Garden Solar Chandeliers

Garden Solar Chandeliers

You can apply the upcycled lamp idea, but instead, use an old chandelier! Follow the same steps by removing all the electrical parts and the cord. Then, attach solar lights to the openings where the light bulb is used to screw in.

You can hang these from trees or porches or use a shepherd’s hook to display them in the garden. They add a whimsical quality that looks stunning next to your landscaping.

  1. Garden Party Centerpiece Lights

Garden Party Centerpiece Lights

If you are planning a picnic or garden party, you can make eye-catching centerpieces with solar lights. You’ll need clear vases that are tall and wide enough to hold an entire solar light, as well as a decorative filler for the bottom. Colorful river rocks or glass marbles are a great choice.

Fill the base almost halfway with your rocks or marbles, and then insert the solar light. The stake should slide inside the filler, where it remains hidden. The illuminated portion should take up the top half of the vase. Place on tables, and you’re ready to party!

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