6 Design Tips For Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood Flooring

With so many considerations, home transformation can be too overwhelming. You might even overlook many things, such as your flooring design. Naturally, this isn’t the first thing you’ll think of when building or refurbishing a home. It might be easier to remember the furnishings, wallpapers, and paints since they’re the first things you see and admire in a room.

However, even flooring blends in a room, it plays a massive part in a well-designed interior. You don’t notice it because of how well it complements a house’s motif. On the other hand, if it’s ill-fitting, then you’ll probably see it immediately.

Hardwood can be incredibly challenging to design because it’s installed into a room. In comparison, carpets and linoleum floors can be changed easily. However, engineered hardwood floors are still a better choice due to their durability and aesthetic flexibility. But when it comes to picking the right design, you’ll need to be sure about your vision for each room.

The best way to pick out the right design is to know how different hardwood floorings can affect a room’s interior. From there on, you can move forward with other interior designs in your home.

  1. Letting The Floor Stand Out

One of the design strategies you can take is to pick a hardwood floor that pops on its own such as American Hickory. Smaller planks with striking patterns might be a little loud for some designs, but if you plan to have minimalistic neutral furnishings and color schemes, it can be a great choice.

The smaller planks can provide more texture on top of the wood patterns, and you’ll have flooring that will surely catch anyone’s attention. Besides, you don’t need to use this type for your whole home. You can pick different kinds of hardwood floors for different rooms. Transform your rooms from boring to fascinating without spending too much time choosing your furnishings. Just keep it plain and simple in that department, and let the flooring take center stage.

  1. Using Natural Light Wood

Using natural and light wood for your home can instantly make it brighter. If you like a more bohemian and opulent interior, illuminate it with lighter hardwood floors like natural white oak or maple wood. Try to stay away from ones that have too much texture or patterns on them.

Wide windows that catch sunlight pairs exceptionally well with light hardwood floors. You can even accentuate how bright a room is with some translucent and delicate curtains. Keep it light and airy with white and light beige furnishings. You’ll notice immediately how natural light is reflected throughout your house.

  1. Exotic Wood For More Character

If you’re more adventurous, then light wood might be a little too basic for you. To satisfy your bold palette, go for exotic wood like Tigerwood and Brazilian Cherry. They have exciting and bold patterns, but they won’t call in too much attention because of the darker tint. This way, you still have the opportunity to express your adventurous taste with the rest of the furnishings and interior designs.

  1. Contrasting With Dark Wood

Modern and sleek styles do well with dark hardwood. Graphite, dark charcoal, and dark painted hardwood floors can give a bold but elegant effect. Since it’s already a dark color, it’ll immediately catch attention, so it would be better to choose wider planks to avoid making it too obnoxious. When it comes to dark hardwood flooring, less is more.

  1. Accentuating With Borders

Borders were commonly used for ceilings and even walls, but they can also be a fantastic design feature for flooring. For instance, a lighter wooden flooring with dark and warm borders can make it look more attractive. It also works as a sophisticated divider to mark the end of a room. Either way, the key is to choose the types of wood, color, and size to make sure it looks elegant and not mismatched.

  1. Choose The Right Pattern

The way the planks are installed matters, too. Just like tiles, there are all kinds of ways the hardwood floors can be laid down. The most common pattern is called random plank, where planks of random lengths are laid down to start each row. There’s also the diagonal pattern which can be interesting to look at. Then there’s also the chevron pattern which looks like the planks are following a zigzag line. These are only some of the patterns you can choose from and depending on the look you’re going for. The type of wood that you want can give you different designs.

Light Hardwood Floors


Hardwood flooring can make a noticeable difference in your home. Some can be more eye-catching, while others are more understated. The great thing about hardwood floors is that they come in so many colors, patterns, and sizes that suit all kinds of tastes. However, it might be challenging to make a final choice because of the different interior designs you can achieve with flooring. So be sure to get your mood board active and ready for any new ideas that come to mind.

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