6 Desk Chair Types To Buy For A Seamless WFH Experience


Acrylic Desk Chairs

The demand for desks, chairs, tables, lamps and other work-from-home-related furniture pieces is on the rise! This is owing to the workplace shift that COVID-19 has made us all experience. Our homes are now our workstations.

It is not unknown; there are several IT and non-IT companies who are promoting the well-being of their employees by reimbursing expenses to purchase the necessary infrastructure and build their mini-offices at their homes. Various people are looking at different e-commerce websites to make furniture purchases with an increased focus on desks, tables, different chair types such as acrylic desk chairs, or leather chairs, and others.

The most important one in the list is undoubtedly the choice of the mighty “chair.” This is where you will sit for hours working on your laptops, and it is essential to buy a comfortable, durable, sturdy and at the same time affordable office chair.

If you are looking to buy desk chairs, you have landed in the right space! Let me tell you about six desk chair types that you can add to your wish list (or maybe click the buy option directly):

  1. Executive Office Chairs

Just like the term executive in office remind you of the ‘top-level’ employees or maybe the ‘chief,’ similarly, the executive office chairs are synonymous with luxury and preferred by the people who are looking for utmost comfort, classic look, and are okay to splurge a little more money.

Their look is imposing, and they are usually made of high-quality real leather and fine wood. The seats are overstuffed, and they have padded armrests, with either PU or real leather covering the chairs. They’re also available with the reclining option.

  1. Ergonomic Chairs

If your focus is on long-term health, let the ergonomic chair enter your life. It facilitates a neutral posture to provide support to people who work for longer hours at a stretch. No doubt these chairs are costly. However, it has medical benefits.

An ergonomic chair prevents back pain, blood circulation issues, poor posture and cervical spondylosis that affect your spinal discs. This, in turn, helps you to save money by not paying hefty medical bills in the future. The ergonomic chairs offer lumbar support, adjustable seat height, headrest and armrest, padded seat and back and many other features.

  1. Mesh Office Chairs

If you’re looking for a breathable chair, a mesh chair is the best option for you. The backrest is built of a net-like fabric or mesh, coupled with a padded seat for comfortable seating. If you sweat fast or the environment you work in is too hot, you can opt for this one.

  1. Acrylic Desk Chairs

Acrylic desk chairs are meant for people who are looking for a more contemporary look, want durability and sturdy chairs, as well as furniture that is low maintenance. Just a piece of soapy-water-soaked cloth is enough to keep this chair looking new and fresh.

  1. Balance Ball Chairs

Also known as stability ball chairs or yoga ball chairs, in this one, a big inflatable ball forms the base of the chair. This ball is where you sit! Some variations come with a backrest. This is meant for people who do not spend extended hours of sitting.

  1. Drafting Chairs

Many professions, such as architecture or art, require you to stand a lot while you work. Just like sitting, even standing for long hours can have a negative effect on your health. Drafting chairs can solve this problem. They are lightweight and easy to move, and have an adjustable height option.

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