6 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas To Welcome Winter


Winter is just around the corner, and you’re probably already thinking of ways to decorate your home. No matter if you do or don’t celebrate Christmas, you are perhaps over those greens and the reds of Christmas décor and want to try out something more, well, tasteful. Using white, silver, and gold are appropriate options, and keeping things simple is the best way to avoid tackiness. To help you get some winter inspiration, here are six easy DIY home décor ideas you can try out this winter.

  1. Bow Wreath

Bow Wreath Home Decor

Why buy an expensive wreath that no one will bother to notice when you can make your wreath? All you need is a straw or styrofoam wreath form, a package of cheap bows to your liking, and some hot glue. Haley, a popular craft and décor blogger, explains in Design Improvised how you can make this winter decoration on your own. It’s best to glue the smaller bows on the sides of your wreath form and use the more giant bows for the front part. The project takes at the most 30 minutes to complete, and you can even store the bow wrath in a box for next year’s winter fests.

  1. Painted Pinecones

Painted Pinecones

Spray paint some pinecones you’ve collected in gold and silver hues for a wide range of home decor ideas. You can make lovely Christmas tree pine cone ornaments or place the painted pinecones in a decorative bowl to create a pinecone centerpiece. You can also spray the pinecones with faux snow paint and create a pinecone bouquet by living the pinecones intact to the branch. What’s best for these types of home décor ideas is that they don’t cost much and that the ideas are endless.

  1. Add Some Color To Your Living Space

Christmas Lights

Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding a bit of color to your rooms to cheer up your place just a little bit. Use bold colors for your pillows or curtains to add more life to your living space. And don’t forget the lighting. If you don’t like Christmas lights, opt for candle holders. The winter months are cold, dark, and a bit depressing, which is why we love to decorate our homes and neighborhood with sparkle and color. Even medical experts are aware of the intense impact light, and color have on our mood and well-being.

  1. Icy Winter Mantle

Icy Winter Mantle

This winter mantle with DIY snowflakes by Heather from Setting for Four may give you some inspiration for your fireplace mantle. With its reflective surface, the round mirror frame creates a real winter feel together with crystal votives. Heather uses twigs in clear vases and DIY snowflakes made with white yarn to add a touch of homeliness to her winter mantle. She uses silvers and whites for an icy feel, a popular choice for winter décor this year.

  1. Snowflake Banner

Snowflake Banner Home Decor

This tutorial shows you how to make your DIY snowflake banner that is nothing short of impressive. You will need some “Stiff Felt” in white, Ric-rac or a ribbon, very sharp scissors, hot glue, and sequins. The tutorial offers a PDF file with snowflake patterns to help you create different snowflake shapes. Although the snowflakes take some time to cut out, the process is pretty much enjoyable, and the results are breathtaking. You can put your banner on your furniture, Christmas tree, or anywhere you like.

  1. Iced Branches

Iced Branches Home Decor

Dana explains in Make Them Wonder how you can make these beautiful iced branches from tacky glue and diamond vase fillers. The branches look beautiful on a dinner table, winter mantle, or just any place you choose to put them. You can combine these branches with any of the above winter decorations or pine cones sprayed with faux snow to create a winter feel in your home. Needless to say, that diamond vase fillers add a whole lot of sparkle to these branches, which are precisely what you need to create a festive atmosphere in your home.


Winter months may be gloomy from the outside but quite festive on the inside. Home decoration has always helped humanity create a festive atmosphere during the long winter nights, a general lack of sunlight. The ideas given here will bring light, color, and sparkle to your homes, and they’re suitable for any winter occasion. What is great about these DIY ideas is that they’re easy to make and budget-friendly as well.

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