6 Effective Office Decor Tips to Improve Your Mood Instantly


Colorful Office

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According to a survey, 65% of working people stated that workplace stress had created difficulties for them, and over 10% explained stress affecting them critically. People from all around the world spend a good amount of time attached to their work desks. The surroundings of the office can largely influence one’s mood and performance.

A huge difference can be made if a dimly lit or confined office space is replaced with a bright and colorful space.

Here are a few tips on how you can redecorate your office space to lift your mood:

  1. Add Colors In Your Office

Lego Office Cubicle

Color is believed to affect the mood and behavior of an individual. It has also been found in studies that colors can also influence one’s performance. Besides this, color can also bring a positive vibe, better the corporate structure, and build an ambiance in which the employees achieve success.

Different colors have different effects. For example, white makes one feel fresh and clean; blue represents safety and stability.

Tip: You need to choose the color according to how you want to feel. If you’re going to feel more energetic and attentive, you should go for red. If you wish to increase your productivity, you should select yellow or green.

  1. Bring Nature Into Your Workspace

Office Plants

You can liven up your empty office space by adding some plants. Bringing in plants and flowers can help one feel at home. Apart from improving the air quality, having plants in the workplace also positively affects health and well-being. Peter Smith, a manager at a leading assignment help company, states, “The productivity of our employees has largely increased after we included lots of plants in our workplace.” So, if you wish to be more productive at the office, you should consider placing plants on your work desk or around you.

Tip: Arrange the plants randomly, instead of placing a plant in every corner of the office. You can include plants of different textures and heights.

  1. Hang Artworks

Office Artwork

If you hang artworks in the office, the space will become more thoughtful and exciting. Having artwork in the office can improve the employees’ mood, performance, and physical well-being. You can keep it simple with black and white paintings or go for eye-catching pieces that are bold and vibrant. The artworks will instantly brighten your day whenever you pass them.

Tip: Try to hang the artwork six to nine inches above the desk, with a candle or lamp sitting in front of it to create visual layers.

  1. Bring In More Flexible Furniture

Flexible Office Furniture

When you need to work for several hours sitting at the same place, you might not feel comfortable enough. You can make your office a happy place by bringing moveable and comfortable furniture. Cabinets and desks that can be reconfigured (e.g., rollable furniture that can be transformed from sitting to standing position) will help you work collaboratively or individually. It would help if you asked your boss or manager about bringing your foldable chair or suggesting that they include flexible furniture in the office.

Tip: You may have a favorite chair that is almost broken but cannot just let go of it or talk to the authority. If you are not comfortable with your furniture, talk it out. This way, you can be more productive, and your boss will also be happy.

  1. Add Scented Candles To Your Desk

Scented Candles Office Desk Decor

If you want to keep all your senses stimulated all day long, you should ensure that you do not neglect any of your senses. For this, you need to pay attention to the scents that are drifting in your space. You can customize the scents around you by adding some scented candles to your office space. Charge up your cognitive senses by bringing cinnamon or peppermint-scented candles. You will be more alert, and your memory power will also boost. You can also use citrusy scents to de-stress.

Tip: If you are concerned about the possible risks from a lit candle at the office, you can use essential oil diffusers as a substitute.

  1. Personalize Your Workspace

Personalised Desk At Work

Every individual has his/her personality, and your workspace should reflect that. Add something that is uniquely you to motivate yourself to be productive throughout the day. Your outlook and attitude can largely improve by having a few things close to you at your office. Other than this, personal items will also help you feel at home and more comfortable.

Tip: Add anything personal like a framed picture, an inspirational quote, a favorite accessory, a mood board, or a book to your workspace.


Take a cue from the tips provided above and start making changes in your office space. Soon, you will see an improvement in your mood as well as productivity.

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