6 Essential Pieces Of Furniture You Will Need For Your Twins


Twins can be an absolute pleasure, but they increase the workload and the stress. There is twice as much feeding, bathing and changing to do. You also need to buy double of everything from clothing to diapers. Double prams, two car seats are required, and many other items.

The best way to prepare for twins and reduce the amount of stress is to have all the right equipment and supplies. This also applies to the furniture in the nursery.

Here are six essential types of furniture you will need for your twins:

1. Convertible Cribs

Convertible Cribs

You want to get safe, sturdy cribs. Given the extra expense that comes with twins, convertible cribs are a great idea. This means that as the baby grows, the crib converts into a bed for the toddlers. Some will even convert further into a normal bed. This will last you many years and save a fair amount of money.

You get cribs specially designed for twins, but do not try to let the twins share a crib. This is not a great idea.

2. A Spacious Dresser

A Spacious Dresser

You need a place to store all the clothing and other essentials. Again, make sure it is large enough to hold enough for two or you could buy two separate dressers. You want something that will last the twins for many years. So, get a decent quality dresser. It does not have to be very expensive. You could even get an older one and restore it. Just make sure you use paint that is safe for babies.

The top of the dresser will also give you additional working space when changing or dressing the twins. Remember, the more space, the better.

3. A Changing Table or Tables

Changing Tables

You will have to decide if you need one large table or two separate changing tables. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. If you have regular help, two tables might be better, but if you are doing most of the bathing, changing and dressing by yourself, one might be easier. It is essential from a safety perspective that you have control over both twins at all times. You don’t want one to fall off.

There is a huge range to choose from, and you can check out the Top 50 Best Changing Tables 2018. Again, storage space and a large working are the primary considerations when looking for a changing table for twins.

4. Dark Curtains


It is essential to get thick dark curtains that will block out the light completely. This will ensure the twins are able to sleep peacefully during the day. The more sleep they get, the easier their lives will be and the healthier the twins. Lined block out curtains is best if the room gets a lot of sun.

5. Video Monitor

Video Monitor

People used a baby monitor to hear if the baby was crying in the past. Modern monitors will give you audio and video for extra peace of mind.

If you are busy in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house, you can keep an eye on the twins to ensure they are safe. Depending on how you have arranged the cribs, you might use one monitor. If the cribs are apart, you will probably need two.

They are also great for when the twins are sleeping, and you need a bit of time to relax. You can do your own thing while still being able to view and hear the twins at all times. Some monitors will even send footage to your smartphone, so you can check in to see that the person looking after them is doing their job if you are away from the house.

6. Decorations


Lastly, you will need decorations to brighten up the room and stimulate the twins. The brighter, the better. You can have colourful rugs, wall hangings, mobiles and even pictures on the ceiling. Be creative and let your imagination run wild. You can change these as the twins grow older.

Final Thoughts

Furniture For Twins

Congratulations on your twins, and I look forward to lots of excitement and joy. The better your nursery is prepared and furnished, the easier your life will be. Take care to select the right furnishings. Make sure everything is strong and solid and that there is enough storage space and working space for changing and dressing the twins.

While twins might be a challenge, they are also a blessing so enjoy every second of it.

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