6 Essential Tips For Decorating Your New Apartment


Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of work you need to do to make this new place feel like home. One of the major things you will want to think about is how you are going to decorate your new apartment. If you’re looking for a way to make your new apartment look great without spending a fortune, here are some tips you can use.

  1. Choose A Theme

Urban Design

First, you should pick a theme that you want your décor to fall under. Rather than just getting any affordable furniture pieces you find, a theme will help you to pick out furniture and decorations that go together. Some possible décor themes include Contemporary, Cottage, Traditional, Rustic, or Farmhouse. Take some time to explore each theme or style and see which one you like best.

If you need help choosing a theme, a good thing you can do is consider the exterior of your apartment. If your building or neighborhood made use of urban design firms, they likely put some thought into how to design the exterior of the buildings. You can then use this style to choose a complimentary one for your interior.

  1. Create A Budget

Studio Apartments

Once you have a theme, you’ll want to create a budget for yourself. It would be nice if you had unlimited funds to decorate your new place, but this likely isn’t the case. Figure out how much you can afford to spend, then create a list of your priorities. For example, it’s a better idea to spend more of your budget on a good couch or mattress rather than on an expensive rug. You’ll want to keep the budget you create in mind whenever you are shopping to help ensure that you don’t spend too much. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to decorate your entire apartment in one day. You can get the essentials first, then pick up more items as time goes along.

  1. Opt for Multi-Purpose Items

Penthouse Apartment

Space is limited in most apartments, so it’s a good idea to find items that can serve multiple functions. For example, you can get a coffee table that opens up to store blankets and pillows so that you don’t need to get a separate basket for them. Another option is to get a desk that also has space to store books, so you don’t need a new bookcase. The more functions each of your furniture pieces serve, the less you will need to get, thereby saving you space.

  1. Make Use of Vertical Space

New Apartments

Along with multi-purpose items, you should also look to maximize your vertical space. Floor space is limited in apartments, so you’ll often need to build upwards instead. For example, you can install lights on the walls rather than using desk lamps. Or you can get a bookcase that is taller than it is wide. Wherever you can, you should make use of the ample wall space instead of trying to fit everything on the ground.

  1. Divide Rooms with Furniture

Modern Style Townhouse

If you’re living in a studio apartment, decorating can be a little harder. One thing you can do is use your furniture to separate your studio into different sections. Don’t be afraid to put your couch in the middle of the space, with the front of it being your living room area, and the back of it serving as your dining area. Even though you don’t have walls, you can use your furniture pieces to give the same illusion. This will help you when it comes to decorating and designing different spaces, even though it’s just one large area.

  1. Make Space Feel Bigger

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Finally, look to employ some tricks that will make your space feel bigger. For starters, try to limit the amount of stuff in each room. If you have too much, the room will feel cramped and look smaller than it is. Another thing you can do is hang up more mirrors, as these can make a room feel bigger and brighter. Finally, if the room has windows, consider installing curtains in front of them closer to the ceiling. By having the curtains start about an inch or two from the ceiling, rather than right on top of the windows, it helps to make your room feel taller.

Go In With A Plan

Commercial Building

To decorate your apartment, the best thing you can do is develop a plan. Use the tips above to start planning out the things you want to get and where they will go. You should conduct plenty of research before you even make your first purchase. With enough planning, you can find the best pieces for your new apartment and have it fully furnished and decorated in no time at all.

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