6 Fantastic Benefits Of Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets


It happens to the best of us. We’re sure that this is the kitchen look we will love for the rest of our lives. No matter what styles are popular tomorrow, I know this is the look I’ll love forever. But then ten years pass and you find yourself less than enthusiastic about its overall aesthetic. You want something new, but there are so many options. A complete kitchen renovation? Your wallet hurts just at the thought. Cabinet refacing? Maybe that sounds like more work than you need.

Have You Considered Cabinet Painting?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

If you’re looking to make a significant impact on the look of your kitchen without taking a big hit to your wallet, cabinet painting could be right for you. Well-Chosen paint color can help liven up your kitchen without investing the time or money that is typically involved with renovations. Cabinet painting is even less expensive and less time consuming than cabinet refacing.

What Are Some Of The Pros Of Cabinet Painting?

Pros Of Cabinet Painting

  1. You’ll save money. Buying all new cabinets can get expensive quickly. If your cabinets are in good condition, a few coats of paint can have them looking new and modern without the price tag that comes along with brand new cabinets.
  2. You’ll save time. Everyone dreams of a significant kitchen renovation. What’s typically overlooked when thinking about the beautiful end result is all of the time that it takes to get there. Many people are surprised to know that kitchen renovation can take weeks, if not months to complete. Painting your cabinets can take just a matter of days to complete.
  3. It will still look amazing. Kitchen trends come and go. What you loved five years ago you might not love today. This easy fix can keep your kitchen looking new and modern. Repainting your cabinets every few years is a great way to keep up with the trends and try new things without always having to dish out for a full renovation.
  4. Your options are limitless. When buying new cabinets, you get what you can find. When you opt to paint, you can pick any color that your heart desires, whether it be the brightest yellow or the deepest blue. You can fully customize the look.
  5. The value of your home will still increase. You don’t need to do a full renovation for the value of your home to be impacted. Modernizing your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint is a great way to add the value to your home without spending a lot of bugs.
  6. It’s environmentally friendly. When you tear out cabinets, they go to the dump. Sometimes cabinets are too old and worn, and this is unavoidable. But if your cabinets are in excellent condition, it might feel wasteful to throw them away. Choosing to paint them instead of replacing them will ensure that nothing unnecessary is being sent to a landfill.

But it doesn’t have to be one option or the other, either. Are you considering a full kitchen renovation but wonder whether replacing your cabinets is the best route to go? If they’re still in fantastic condition, it can be a waste to toss them out for something newer. Painting them is not only environmentally friendly but a lot cheaper. If a few coats of paint can make your cabinets look as good as new for less money, you’ll have more budget to pour into other parts of your kitchen. Like new appliances, structural work, or it could even cover your contingency budget.

At the end of the day, what you decide to do with your cabinets will come down to more than one factor. Do you think cabinet painting is the right choice for you?

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