6 Fictional Kids’ Bedrooms Brought to Life


Ah, your kids’ bedroom. The place where you can throw all caution to the wind with your design ideas, and fulfill all the childhood fantasies your parents never let you try!

Sometimes that means turning to your favorite fictional places for ideas. And what could be more appropriate than the children’s bedrooms from your favorite shows and movies?

That’s what the people at Angie’s List believe. So much so, that they decided to create this set of children’s bedrooms inspiration showing just how those fictional kids’ bedrooms might look if recreated in real life.

  1. The Simpsons

Lisa's Bedroom

Middle-child Lisa was always the most sophisticated of the Simpsons, so its no wonder her room is more grown-up than the others in this project. All the same, Lisa was still a child, and a dreamer at heart, and frills and bright colors make an appearance in her sax-and-jazz-themed boudoir. And check out those trophies! This is indeed a bedroom for the juvenile over-achiever!

  1. Hey Arnold!

Arnold's Bedroom

Arnold’s room at his grandparents’ boarding house is a surprisingly magical escape from all his troubles in the outside world. Studio-style lighting and goldfish with plenty of space to stretch their fins add to the otherworldly feeling of being deep beneath the sea.

  1. Daria

Daria's Bedroom

What child wouldn’t want padded walls to throw themselves against when that energy needs expelling? Well, okay, not the kind of behavior you want to encourage, but there’s still something very soft and comforting about the padded walls of the room where Daria’s predecessors used to keep their schizophrenic aunt. Pot plants add air and life to space, while there’s plenty of room to study all those books!

  1. Steven Universe

Steven's Bedroom

There’s nothing like exposed wood to create that outdoorsy adventure feel. Steven’s space combines this minimalist, natural feel with those big windows (and a heck of a view) to create a very wholesome feeling. Plenty of shelf space leaves the floor clear for a play/study area that recalls the tatami style of Japanese living.

  1. Bob’s Burgers

Tina's Bedroom

Does your kid like pink? And horses? If so, he or she might love Tina Belcher’s pink horse’s room. Horse bed. Horse pillows. Horse border. Winged horse ‘talking piece.’ Yes, it’s a really horsey room. This approach might equally work if you want to bring an end to your kid’s horse obsession. You can bet that after you’ve installed this horse-mad room, he will either grow bored with horses or start having nightmares about them before the end of the month.

  1. Rick and Morty

Morty's Bedroom

Morty doesn’t spend all that much time in his bedroom. He’s forced to become more of an outdoors/other dimension kinds of kid. But the innocent side of his burgeoning inner-scientist makes an elegant appearance through robot and dinosaur toys and aeronautical models. This is the safe side of science, where killbots and brain-melting aliens are strictly kept on the other side of the window.

With your kid’s imagination, your drive, and inspiration from the most colorful brats on TV, how can you go wrong?

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