6 Fun Ways To Celebrate Friendship Day 2018 With Your Friends


Friendship Day is just another excuse to spend time with your best friends, friends are the family we choose for us, and hence it is only fair to celebrate this occasion with pomp and enthusiasm. This friendship day, let’s explore the options to have fun and make more memories.

  1. Friendship Bands

Friendship Bands

Friendship bands always bring back fond memories. It’s a fantastic feeling that we meet our friends and bind the belt to them, our arms covered from wrist to elbow with colorful bands.

  1. Go For Trekking

Trekking With Friends

If you are a fun-loving person, I m sure you must like to spend time traveling. What’s good than a day spent trekking. Plan and go for trekking with besties. A day’s adventure at Dhauj Lake in Faridabad near Delhi, Nandi Hills in Bangalore, and Matheran in Mumbai, it will be a breather from the mundane life.

  1. Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports

Roller coasters may be used to be the ultimate adventure sports when you are at a young age. For grown-ups, roller coasters have got newer versions where you can relive your memories in the form of adventure sports like bungee jumping, river rafting, parasailing, or kayaking (Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving across water), flyboy air safari in Gurugram offers powered paragliding. You can bring your inflatable kayak from OutdoorPlay to enjoy your kayaking adventure. In contrast, the ATV circuit in Noida offers off-road biking. You can also head over to other places like Adventure Island in Rohini and Awara Adventure Farm, Sohna Road.

  1. Night Out

Night Out With Friends

Night out with besties is an absolute type of celebrating friendship day. Karaoke nights are the best memory-makers. Getting drunk, standing in front of random people, and singing lyrics is one way you and your group can overcome your fears and later on laugh at each other once you get sober. Find out the best karaoke places in town and sing your hearts out.

  1. Road Trip

Road Trip With Friends

Playing songs in the car and having a long drive with buddies is also a fun way. Bring your squad together and go on a road trip. Traveling together gives you ample time to catch up with your buddies and also create some new memories. Just ahead in your car on your GPRS map, have plenty of water and food.

  1. Friendship Day Bash

Friendship Day Bash

Friendship day falls on a Sunday, so what could be a better way to kick off connections than by dancing to some of the top commercial tracks? Celebrate your day with your best buds at some pub or restaurants, throw the friendship day bash.

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