6 Great Living Room Rug Ideas That Will Change Everything


Essence Scandinavian Grey Felted Wool Rug

Revving up the living room décor is always an exciting topic, and one of the components that can have a significant impact on the overall décor of your living space is an area rug.

A living room rug can essentially delineate space or anchor a seating group.

With the right rug, you can also bring all the different accent colours in your space together, soften the hard edges of the room, or add a pattern to a neutral colour.

Here is what you should check when selecting the right living room rug:

  • Size: It’s important to consider the proportions of the rug so that it fits the room and serves the decorating purpose as it should.

A living room rug should ideally act as the foundation that not only augments the décor and design of your room but also complements the placement of furniture and accessories.

  • Colour: The rug also needs to complement the wall colour and furniture placement.

It can be an outstanding way to introduce some aspects into the room, such as warmth using natural sisal rugs and color by using plush wool floor rugs.

  • Comfort: Ideally, you should go for something you like. However, it’s best to make sure that it feels nice on bare feet.
  • Style: Rug designs are so versatile, and you can mix the ones you love as long as the colours match.

The right style depends on your tastes and whether you prefer something smart, elegant, casual, etc.

  • Care & Maintenance: Be sure to check the cleaning options for any rug that you intend to buy, and how to take care of it in case future problems arise.

The good thing about rugs is that they are very versatile, and can easily change the setting of any room completely.

As such, they are a lively part of any living room, albeit often underappreciated. Below are six living room rug ideas that can change everything.

  1. A Calm, Coastal Vibe

Opal Blue Cream Abstract Power Loomed Rug

You can achieve a beach-inspired look with a new rug and some fun accessories.

Go for an airy rug with a light neutral colour (e.g. grey, white, or beige) and ocean blues.

Florals or soft stripes will also create the perfect pattern for your living room.

Anything with an abstract design mixed with a palette of the sea, texture marine wash waves over azure hues should create an oceanic vibe that’s calming on the eyes.

  1. A Spiritual, Bohemian Touch

Karsha Multi Colour Tribal Boho Geometric Rug

If you’re looking to go a bit bohemian with your living room décor without the trouble of painting your walls bright, a vibrant rug can do the trick.

Adding a colourful pink rug will give off a bohemian vibe and infuse a colour hue in your living space.

Here, it’s all about cultivating the room with earthy prints and treasured keepsakes.

  1. Creative, Natural Rugs

Civic Ivory Diamond Hand Woven Wool Rug

Most natural rugs will have a powerful presence in any living room. They ideally let you create a personalised colour scheme around them.

Plus, they commonly have intricate woven designs, with tight construction and natural tonal hues, which makes them a great foundation.

  1. Soothing, Eclectic Vibe

Ziah Grey Stonewashed Vintage Traditional Rug

A black and white rug offers such a great way to add an eclectic vibe to your living room.

It lets you add some drama in the space without adding more colours. In general, a rug with neutral colours will soothe the atmosphere and create an eclectic vibe.

  1. Layering Rugs for a Cosy Vibe

Contemporary Grey Off White Abstract Lines Rug

Add some character and define your space with layered area rugs on top of each other.

It also adds more patterns and colour to your space, which is perfect for seasonal decorations.

For instance, you can add cosiness to your room by layering rugs during the cold months, and adjust them to create a cool look during the hot months.

  1. Lively, Patterned Rugs for an Artistic Vibe

Candy Crush Rainbow Pixels

Patterned rugs mainly serve as a focal point of the living room, and gives it a lively vibe.

The good thing about patterned rugs is that they don’t need to match everything in your living room, which makes them perfect for changing your living room’s vibe.

Just check the colour tones in the design motif of the rug to coordinate it with the colour textures of your living room.

Opinions on rug ideas will undoubtedly vary, but what matters is your sense of style and taste. Go for what suits your living room best.

Try to visualise all the possible options based on style, colour, and vibe. Hopefully, these ideas are a step in the right direction. Good luck!

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