6 Hat Patterns for Cooler Weather


As cooler weather sets in this fall and winter, you may start pulling out old sweaters, scarves, and hats to keep warm in the chilly air. Hats make a stylish fashion statement and keep you toasty. Hats look great on everyone and are great wardrobe accessories for any season.

Take a look at these adorable patterns. They can be made in any color to coordinate with the season or your style. They’re in a variety of skill levels, but all are super fun. Here are some cute and fun hat patterns to get you excited for the cold!

  1. Bavarian Style Hat

Bavarian Style Hat
This cute and cozy Bavarian Style hat requires an intermediate skill level but will give you a great project to work on while keeping warm by the fire. It’s soft, comfortable, and chic. Make one in every color so you’ll have something to match any outfit you wear.

  1. Party Time Jacket and Hat

Party Time Jacket and Hat
This adorable party time hat and jacket set is a versatile pair for a child of any age. It keeps them warm and looks fashionable enough to wear to church, a party, or grocery shopping. This is one of the cutest free baby crochet patterns for beginners.

  1. Baby Hat

Baby Hat
This fluffy, furry baby hat will look oh so cute at the pumpkin patch this fall. It will keep your baby’s head and ears warm. You can make it in the traditional pink for a girl or blue for a boy, or any other color you choose. It makes a fun, free accessory for any baby, anywhere. Pair it with a flannel jacket or hiking boots, and your little adventurer will be ready for the wilderness in no time.

  1. Bubblegum Hat and Wristers

Bubblegum Hat and Wristers
This bubblegum hat and wristers set is an easy project to make in the round. The stylish wristers keep your hands warm while giving your fingers the freedom they need to drive or type. The long hat is reminiscent of a nightcap, giving you a fun, relaxed, and cozy winter look. The pom at the bottom adds a bit of personality and flair.

  1. Poncho Vest, Hat, and Bag

Poncho Vest, Hat, and Bag
This comfortable coordinating poncho vest, hat, and bag pattern gives any beginner the practice they need while creating something cute to wear. The fun tassels add embellishments, and you’ll be warm and stylish with a hat and an extra layer this winter.

  1. Shell Stitch Summer Hat:

Shell Stitch Summer Hat
Who says you can’t wear a summer hat in the winter? This fun and flirty shell stitch summer hat style look great any time of year. Crochet one in every color to coordinate with every outfit and every season. It’s a great hat to keep your head warm in the winter and give your face some shade in the summer.

Some of these free crochet patterns are for beginners, and some are intermediate, but they’re all fun and stylish solutions for the cooler weather that is quickly approaching. Try one or all of them for a fun project to prepare for the coming season.

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