6 Home Interior Design Tricks That Make A Small Living Room Feel Bigger


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Small rooms may seem like a complex puzzle to solve. You want to include as much stuff as possible while still maintaining a sense of spaciousness. It needs to be filled with personality, but it can’t appear haphazard or cluttered. It Is also possible to have a compact 1 bhk flat for sale in Hyderabad as stylish (or perhaps even more so) than their larger counterparts. You don’t need to give up style when you move into a studio apartment or embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. We’ve compiled our favourite home decor tips and tricks for decorating a small living room.

  1. Swap A Sofa For Club Chairs

You should opt for two lovely armchairs instead if you don’t have space for both a sofa and club chairs as your small living room furniture. If there is a fireplace, position them towards it to create cozy lounges and conversation while drawing attention.

  1. Install Smart Lighting

To save floor space, use lighting attached to the walls or hung from above. Combine eye-catching ceiling lights—such as a beautiful and artsy pendant-ish installation that oozes with a warm and unsubtle atmosphere. Sconces with swing-arm arms also save space on the floor and provide depth to the walls, making them ideal for decorating a small living room.

  1. Layer Coffee Tables

A small nesting table set is too little, yet a massive, bulky coffee table is unanswered. For a streamlined Scandinavian look, combine two sleek coffee tables. This would be a beautiful small apartment living room idea that truly elevates the room’s vibe!

  1. Play With Scale

Don’t be scared of making a massive statement in a bit of an area. Choosing just a few statement pieces that will catch the eye is the key to this home interior trick. You may utilize standard furniture and large-scale art in your living room; all you’ll need to do is use fewer pieces overall. Even an over-the-top chandelier, if positioned correctly, can add contrast and intrigue to a space.

  1. Ensure A Balance Of Space 

Every homeowner with a compact house knows that they can only fit a finite amount of furniture in the house. It is thus essential to have a balance and keep things cohesive by choosing the right colors and looking at furniture from a birds-eye perspective. Some of the best interior design tricks and tips for smaller spaces are all about being intuitive when buying furniture. In many cases, less is often more; this is something every homeowner must keep in mind.

  1. Choose A Large Rug

The large size of this rug does not disrupt the overall look of the room. Even in a strident design, choosing a more oversized rug is a method to make a room seem more significant. This might also assist in tying the area together. It also serves as a solid foundation for building the rest of the room. Select a floor covering that will accommodate the majority of the furniture. Alternatively, go wall-to-wall.


We’ve compiled some of the most amazing home interior tricks in this blog. If all of these small apartment living room ideas, home décor tips, and methods have inspired you to move into a small apartment of your own, we hope you will implement some of the ideas mentioned above.

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