6 Iconic TV Show Rooms Get A Makeover For 2019


Joyce Byers’ living room

Our most iconic TV shows are memorable for a reason: among other clinically-accomplished features, their set design which is carefully composed by the best designers in the business.

It makes those shows timeless, and their locations highly influential – but when it comes to redecorating your place, you might want something a bit more contemporary than Walter White’s kitchen or the super-stylish but somewhat gloomy bedroom shared by Don and Megan Draper in Mad Men.

That’s what the people at Budget Direct think – so they went to the trouble of redecorating six such TV rooms 2019-style. Inspiration ahoy!

  1. Stranger Things (Joyce Byers’ living room)

Stranger Things (Joyce Byers’ living room)

There are good eighties, and there are bad eighties, and there are just plain normal eighties. The Byers household kind of fits into the latter category: Joyce is struggling to make ends meet and keeps a modest and somewhat cute if un-astonishing home. So here it is reimagined as fantastic ‘80s – the glam retro era that keeps giving.

  1. Breaking Bad (Walter White’s kitchen)

Breaking Bad (Walter White’s kitchen)

The White family kitchen certainly got viewers in the aspirational mood, but that was more about the light and the space (and the bundles of hidden cash upstairs) than the kitchen-that-time-forgot décor. Exposed brick and tiled splashbacks add a contemporary industrial feel with bright colors making the most of all that light (and come on, kitchens need to be cheery).

  1. The Good Wife (Alicia Florrick’s home office)

The Good Wife (Alicia Florrick’s home office)

Yellow got big since the days of The Good Wife, and it’s not hard to see why when you look at Alicia Florrick’s brightened-up study. An eco blast of upcycled materials and furniture add to the 2019-ness of the office, while the playfulness that she captured for her children has been retained through bold use of shape.

  1. Mad Men (Don and Megan’s bedroom)

Mad Men (Don and Megan’s bedroom)

The last time we had seen Don Draper, he was flirting with New Age hippiedom rather than air hostesses and advertising executives, and that sense of lightness has been added to his bedroom with a full commitment to the living world – from the leaf-print wallpaper to the lustrous green houseplants.

  1. Gilmore Girls (Rory’s childhood bedroom)

Gilmore Girls (Rory’s childhood bedroom)

The designers of Rory’s re-imagined bedroom have removed that nineties-hangover saccharine effect and toned it down with dynamic but straightforward brass features and a distinct post-Marie-Kondo lack of clutter.

  1. Friends (Monica Geller’s bathroom)

Friends (Monica Geller’s bathroom)

Monica’s shower looked different, seemingly every (rare) time it appeared on the show, and it never looked as vast and appealing as the rest of her suite. The Budget Direct designers have de-purpled it and added bright, reflective surfaces, a free-standing bath, and a marble-effect floor to create the visual illusion of more space.

From brightness and light to the eco-ethical turn, the end of the decade has a distinct feel in the world of interior design. How will you capture it for your home?

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