6 Mighty Things To Ensure Preventing Roses from Winter

On May 24, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Many of the roses are categorized as old garden roses that can tolerate cold temperatures. But, some like hybrid teas, floribundas, and climbers require protection in regions where temperatures may drop below 10 degrees.

You must understand when to winterize the roses; start the winter protection after the temperature is cold enough for several touches of frost. But, make sure you do it before the ground freezes. Also, ensure that they go completely dormant. And, to achieve that you must stop fertilizing them early enough so that the growth process stops.

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And luckily for you, there are few more things you can do to help survive your roses through the winter.


  • Clump up for the Winter: A rose is said to be hardened off when it’s well prepared for the winter. Most of the roses harden off themselves during the onset of fall. The plant’s cell walls generally thicken as they prepare for the dormancy at this time. In most of the rose varieties, it starts to manifest itself by the canes taking on a purplish cast.


But, to harden off a rose, you need to make sure that the plant stops growing and becomes fully dormant before the onset of the winter. You can make sure of the full dormancy of the plant in two ways.

  1. Terminate the fertilization six weeks before frosting for the first time

If you have no idea about the average date of the first frost, Ask someone at the nursery or take advice from a professional gardener, but don’t let your roses go into the winter completely dry.

  1. Let Seed Pods Develop Fully

Not everyone believes this, but letting the spent flowers go to seed instead of cutting them helps to increase dormancy. The reason is that many old roses develop seed pods in midsummer, but then they grow quite nicely in the fall.

  • Prepare Roses for Winter: To prepare roses for winter, you need to start taking care of summer. If your roses have struggled during the growing season, then it is more likely to get damaged through winter. If the plant suffers from lack of water, sunlight, or other nutrients, it is more likely to get weaker in the winter.


Make sure you take proper care of your roses during summer and fall so that they have a better chance to get through the winter undamaged or without too much damage.

  • Water Roses in Cold Temperatures: It’s the essential part that you should not forget about roses needing water in cold weather. The soil moisture is more likely to be consumed due to dry winters. But, on the warmer days of the winter, check the soil moisture of roses and water them as needed and make sure you don’t soak them.
  • Mound the Ground With a Thick Layer: By covering the mound with a thick layer, it makes sure that the ground stays frozen and the roses are being protected. If the plant still has left on it, pull them off because leaves can increase drying. Some professional gardeners prefer to wrap the top of the rose with a piece of paper, fill the leaves inside and tie it together with a small string.
  • Start Removing Soil In the Spring: When the ground starts to defroze, Start to remove soil from the base of the plant gently. But, make sure you don’t start too early because a sudden cold wind can be damageable.


It’s recommended to watch for the yellow blooms of forsythia. Once they are insight, you can start to remove mounds of soil. But, you must be careful because the new buds are very easy to break off, that’s why use a gentle stream of water to remove soil rather than using your hands.

  • Take Extra Care for Climbers and Tree Roses: The climbing roses and tree roses need extra protection because they are more exposed to the wind and cold. If the canes are not very flexible, untie the canes and wrap them into the insulating material. Cut the canes a bit if required to get the job done. Also, cover the base of the plant with a thick layer of soil. And when the warmer days arrive in the spring, gently remove the coverings and retie the roses to the trellis.

One Final Tip!

To provide air circulation, Either cut off the top of cones or Don’t use Styrofoam cones on your roses. Because in warmer days in the winter, those canes can turn into little ovens, which can affect your roses to break the dormancy. Also, Rem

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