6 of The Latest Modern Bathroom Ideas


The thought of remodeling your bathroom may conjure up images of dust flying, pieces of tile everywhere, and plastic sheeting all over the floor.

But the good news? You don’t have to embark on a full remodel to make your bathroom feel modern and fresh. All it takes are a few choice touches and some attention to detail, and you’ll have a bathroom that you—and if you’re selling your home, potential buyers—will love spending time in.

Here are six modern bathroom ideas for 2019.

  1. Bold, Large-Scale Wallpaper For The Powder Room

Large Scale Bathroom Wallpaper

Small powder rooms can easily feel cramped, but choosing a light-colored, boldly patterned wallpaper to create an accent wall can open up space and instantly make it feel more modern, according to Elle Decor.

Similarly, painting one wall light, soothing color can also make space feel bigger.

  1. Long, Rectangular Tiles

Rectangular Bathroom Tiles

If you’re thinking of retiling your bathroom, you don’t automatically have to browse through the typical square tiles. Instead, consider a longer, skinnier rectangular shape. These look much more contemporary and cosmopolitan.

One thing to remember is that they can also create a darker look for your bathroom, so if you’re going for feminine or warm, you may want to stay away.

  1. Pewter Drawer Pulls And Cabinet Knobs

Pewter Drawer

New drawer pulls are a quick, budget-friendly way to refresh your bathroom, and pewter offers a modern, yet timeless look.

One thing to pay attention to, however, is whether the new pulls and knobs you select will fit the holes your drawers and cabinets already have.

Take a look at the number of screws your old and new pulls require, as well as how far apart they are. Installing new hardware that doesn’t fit your existing holes is possible, of course, but will need more steps—drilling new holes, filling the old ones with wood filler, and possibly refacing or refinishing your cabinets.

  1. Replace Vanity Lights With Pendant Light Fixtures

Bathroom Pendant Light

Replacing old light fixtures is a tried-and-true way to update your home without breaking the bank—and this is especially true in your bathroom.

Takedown those 1980s-era vanity bulbs and replace them with some sleek, stylish pendant lights for an instant upgrade.

  1. Rounded Rectangular Mirrors

Rounded Rectangular Mirrors

Instead of those full-wall or right-angled mirrors, opt for a rectangular mirror with rounded corners.

According to interior designer Emily Henderson, these mirrors strike a happy medium between the full circle vanity, which was popular in 2018, and the stiff, sharp-cornered mirrors that have been popping up in bathrooms for the past 20 years.

Taking down a full-wall mirror is a bit of a job that you may need the help of a handyman for. It will also likely require painting and retouching the wall behind the mirror before you can hang up that trendy new one.

  1. Floating (Wall-Hung) Toilets

Wall-Mounted Toilets

Installing new toilets is another relatively simple way to make your bathroom feel much more modern. Buyers tend to love new toilets because of their significantly increased water efficiency—and if they’re in a cool, unique style like the floating toilet, that’s even better.

These toilets are hung on the wall and lack the visible tank that traditional toilets have because it’s installed behind the wall. That means installation will require a professional, which is something to keep in mind when you’re considering this particular bathroom upgrade.

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