6 Reasons Why You Should Have Aluminium Bifold Doors In Your Home


Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminum bifold doors are one of the best assets a home can have, especially with a garden. This is because it’ll add value to your home, both in the financial aspect and even as regards the aesthetics. When you open them up, it provides a seamless entry and exit to the house so guests and yourself can move smoothly through. Also, when kept closed, it allows the sun to enter your home, allowing for some natural light.

If you’re looking for a new change to make in your home today, aluminum bifold doors are a great idea. With Bi fold doors Belfast, you can transform your home; it’s German Technology, Built to the last lifetime, and it’s also the Grade A* Energy Rated. You can find out more by reading through below:

  1. Strong, But Light

Aluminum bi-fold doors are very strong. But strong doesn’t always have to equate to bulky. While these doors are strong, they’re also lightweight. This makes it great for easy opening as you don’t necessarily have to exert much effort to open it up.

Aluminum is classified as a low-density metal, which means that it’ll stay slim. When you open the doors up, it won’t take much space, which makes room for an easy flow inside and out of the house. These doors are also designed to have a concertina effect, so they take up very little space when opened up.

Aluminum is the best material for doors that open up to outdoor areas or living spaces because of its strength. It stays of good quality, despite the weather conditions. Since regular repairs won’t be as necessary, homeowners won’t have a problem maintaining it.

  1. Blends Your Indoor And Outdoor Space

If you have a small indoor living or dining area, one good way for you to make the space seem bigger is by having aluminum bi-fold doors. Having one enables you to blend your indoor and outdoor space seamlessly when the doors are opened. A smooth transition from indoor to outdoor living space is a home design trend for you to adapt to as well.

Additionally, when the aluminum glass doors are closed, it makes the room look bigger, so it doesn’t seem as tight on the inside as is the case if it’s walled up. The huge expanse of glass also gives you a great top-to-bottom view of your garden. This adds to the overall design element of your dining or living area.

  1. Precisely Measured

Aluminum bi-fold doors, like the ones found at the Glass Door Centre, are always measured precisely per your specific needs. This doesn’t just include the height but even each fold. This gives you more flexibility to create the space that you desire in your home.

Thus, since these are custom-made, depending on the size of your space, you don’t have to worry about each fold taking up too much space either from the inside or the outside.

  1. Brings More Natural Light To Your Room

Natural Light

Aluminum bi-fold doors are extremely nice to have, especially when it’s spring and summer since the sun is at its best. While these may seem like an expensive renovation to make to your home, it’s going to be a very good investment in the long run.

Since it brings more natural light to your room, aluminum bi-fold doors enable you to save on electricity expenses during the daytime. This can do wonders in making the room look brighter by creating a calmer atmosphere.

  1. Secure

Since it’s made of glass, you might be worried about the safety aspect. Thankfully, aluminum bi-fold doors are safe and secure. They’re built to be robust so that they can withstand the attention of burglars.

If you wish to have an added element of protection, high-quality aluminum bi-fold door contractors and suppliers can offer you an add-on in the form of a Secured By Design (SBD) Option, which is a nationally-recognized standard of safety by the police.

  1. Has Flexible Opening Options

With aluminum bi-fold doors, you can also enjoy flexible opening options. You can choose to open the whole aperture or just a part of it. This makes it easy for you to open when you need that easy and quick access to the outside.

Normal sliding doors open only half of the entire aperture of the door, making aluminum bi-fold doors are the more flexible option in this regard.

These doors are also very easy to open, such that it won’t require that much force to do so.


As you think about the changes that you may want to make to your home this year, don’t forget to think about your doors and windows, too. Especially if you have a living space in your home that connects to your garden or deck, open this up with floor to ceiling glass doors, which is best achieved through aluminum bi-fold doors.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits that you can gain from choosing this option, it’s about time for you to search for inspiration online and have this investment project done for your home.

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