6 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Penthouses When You’re Travelling


The place you stay can make a huge difference in whether or not you enjoy your vacation. When you want the ultimate luxurious experience, a penthouse can be a great option. Here are some of our main reasons for believing that penthouse rentals are the best way to upgrade your vacation.

  1. Get Space to Stretch Out

Garza Blanca - Grand Penthouse

The average penthouse is at least 2,000 square feet, so you really get a lot of space when you choose a penthouse. This means that you do not have to spend your vacation feeling cramped. Instead, there will be plenty of room to store all your belongings while still enjoying wide-open rooms. The extra space in a penthouse is especially worth it when traveling with groups. People have space to do their own thing instead of getting cramped and starting to argue.

  1. See the Views You Deserve

Garza Blanca - Grand Penthouse

When you’re traveling to a beautiful place, you do not want to end up stuck in a room where you can barely see anything. A penthouse tends to be the highest room in any area, so you do not have to worry about walls blocking your view. For example, if you are staying in Puerto Vallarta, a gorgeous Garza Blanca penthouse lets you see the stunning ocean views you would miss in a ground side room. Most penthouses tend to have architecture designed to capitalize on these views, so you can expect wide-open windows, rooftop gardens, and glass doors that showcase the natural wonders around you.

  1. Access Multiple Living Spaces

Garza Blanca - Grand Penthouse

Penthouses are an even better version of the hotel suites that so many people want to use. These spacious areas have just about everything a traveler will need on their trip. Instead of just having a bedroom, you have multiple living spaces. In addition to the standard bedrooms and bathrooms, most penthouses come with at least a kitchen, living room, and outdoor space to relax. This makes it easy to cook meals, host parties, and spend time enjoying ocean breezes and sunsets. You can have a versatile vacation experience and even get perks like private pools that you would never be able to access otherwise.

  1. Save Money For Larger Groups

Garza Blanca - Grand Penthouse

Penthouses tend to have a reputation for being pricey because they are seen as a luxury, but the reality is that rentals are more affordable than you think. The great thing about penthouses is that they have more space than the average vacation rental. This lets you get enough beds for all the members of your travel group for one basic price. Depending on how many people you have, it may actually save money to go with a penthouse.

  1. Get Peace and Quiet

Garza Blanca - Grand Penthouse

A vacation on a lower floor of a hotel usually involves one or two days where you are woken up too early by a neighbor walking around above you or a loud person talking in the hallway. One of the reasons that people are willing to pay a premium price for a penthouse is because it is so isolated. You never have to worry about someone stopping around above you because you are on the top roof, and there is no one being loud beside you since you will have the entire floor to yourself. This makes it far easier to relax and unwind.

  1. Enjoy Extra Amenities

Garza Blanca - Grand Penthouse

Though it is not a guarantee, most places that offer penthouse rentals go the extra mile to help customers. Depending on the place you get, you may enjoy things like complimentary concierge services or the chance to enjoy the services of a personal chef or private masseuse. These little perks for penthouse guests are often included in the charges, and it is a business’ way of saying thank you for renting one of their best suites. Often, penthouses have even more luxurious items than other rooms in the building, so you may get things like state of the art blow dryers or adjustable lighting not offered if you stay in standard rooms.

Getting a penthouse can take your vacation up a notch and make it a truly memorable experience. Have you ever tried staying in one before?

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