6 Reasons Why Your Dryer Is Making A Loud Noise


Why Your Dryer Is Making A Loud Noise

A dryer that rattles, bangs, or clatters while it spins is unquestionably noisy. On the other hand, most loud dryer noises may be reduced with a few easy adjustments or self-repair. So why is my dryer making such a racket? When stray coins, zippers, or belt buckles spin in the dryer drum, they might make rattling noises.

You can always hire a good handyman who can repair a dryer machine, but first, learn about the most common causes of dryer noise and how to restore peace.

Is your dryer making a lot of noise? This Troubleshooting Guide Can Help

While your noisy dryer may appear to be strange, many noises have similar origins that may be easily corrected. The following is a list of the most common noises and how to silence them.

Dryer Is Clicking

Although using a gas dryer has some advantages over an electric dryer, it is susceptible to making clicking noises. Fortunately, this noise is typical and indicates that the gas valve has been turned on. Although these clicks should be brief, they can frequently occur throughout the drying process and are not a sign of a problem.

The Dryer Is Making A Scraping Sound

If your dryer produces a scraping noise when tumbling, something is likely stuck in the drum seam. Also, as the drum tumbles, coins, paper clips, and other tiny, loose things can become stuck in the seam at the front or back of the drum.

Pause the drying cycle and inspect the seam for trapped things, removing anything that is caught. Always check clothes pockets and remove any loose things before loading the washer or dryer to avoid a repeat.

Sound Of Knocking Or Rattling

There are various reasons for a rattling or banging sound coming from your dryer. As the dryer tumbles, loose materials or open zippers might generate rattling noises. Objects close to the dryer, such as the washer, might generate a banging or rattling noise while it is running.

Here’s how to get rid of rattling or knocking noises:

  • Empty pockets and secure fasteners: Before filling the dryer, empty pockets of any loose objects, remove belts, and secure zippers and buttons.
  • Move items away from the dryer during operation: If goods are stored next to or on top of the dryer, move them away. Remove objects from the pedestal drawer if your dryer is on a pedestal during drying cycles.
  • To avoid vibrations and rattling, make sure there’s at least an inch of space between the washer and dryer.

The Dryer Is Making A Thumping Noise

Do you have a noisy dryer that makes pounding noises? If large things cluster together when drying, they can generate pounding sounds. Similarly, drying sneakers will make a loud thumping sound. When drying large goods, unclamp any fabric bunches by placing them loosely in the dryer or pausing the cycle. It’s better to air dry shoes to prevent dryer noise and the danger of injury.

Finally, when the dryer is turned on after a long time of inactivity, it may generate a pounding noise. This is because the drum rollers flatten out when the dryer isn’t in use, causing the drum to thump when it starts rotating. The rollers should return to their original form while the dryer continues to operate, and the noise should stop.

Running With A Pounding Noise

When your dryer produces a loud pounding noise, it’s usually because the dryer isn’t level. Check that all four leveling legs on the dryer are appropriately spaced on the floor. A missing or damaged leg must be replaced, even if the legs may be moved up or down, to ensure that they sit evenly.

Squealing Noises From The Dryer

While certain dryer noises may be fixed at home, screaming sounds usually signal a component failure.

When the following parts fail, they might generate a screeching sound, necessitating expert clothes dryer repair:

  • The drive belt is a thin rubber belt that wraps around the dryer drum and is connected to two pulleys by two pulleys, allowing it to spin using the motor’s power. When the drum spins, the belt might fray or rip, causing a screeching sound.
  • Idler pulley: The idler pulley maintains tension on the drive belt as the drum rotates. The pulley may wear down after several cycles of spinning at a fast speed, resulting in a screaming sound while tumbling.
  • Drum glides: The front of the dryer drum is supported by these plastic parts. When the plastic wears out, the drum will screech as it rotates straight on its metal frame.

Decipher a noisy dryer or determine when to clean your dryer vents – contact the experts. Call Appliance Repair Expert for any appliance repair.

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