6 Signs To Tell You Need A New Janitorial Service


Professional Janitorial Service

Do you currently use a janitorial service in your office? Well, it is an excellent idea, although it is important to evaluate the quality of the service. You can’t rule out the chances of not getting good value for your money. Evaluation of the current janitorial service will determine whether it meets your expectations or to call a more professional Houston TX service. These guarantees are offering services beyond your expectations for your business to remain in good condition to the delight of your customers and staff.

Signs To Switch Your Janitorial Service

  1. Poor Communication

Is it hard to get hold of your current janitorial service company? Perhaps they don’t return calls at a decent time or never reach out to customers for project evaluation. It is high time you gave them the boot. Professional janitorial service always ensures that they follow-up, double-check to ensure customers are satisfied with services offered, and ensures that the client is aware of anything that might require immediate attention.

Perhaps there are some repairs and replacements required. The janitors will let you know to ensure that you have them fixed early before you end up with a disaster. A janitorial company that focuses on open communication with customers ensures that everything goes as expected. It ensures that both parties are updated throughout the project to lessen the chances of misunderstandings.

  1. Ambiguous Prices And Expectations

For quality and reliable janitorial services in Houston, TX, you need a company that gives clear expectations and pricing. It is very important to understand the cost of the cleaning service before the janitors begin to work for proper budgeting. An exact cost with consequent expectations guarantees that the janitor will offer the best services to exceed your expectations.

Companies without a clear cost for their services can’t be trusted since they aren’t sure of their worth. It is better to choose a reputable team of janitors for transparent service. There is a risk of hidden charges when work is done. This is bound to make end up having to pay more than you hand anticipated for the project.

  1. Inconsistent Service

Do your current janitors forget to do some tasks? Forgetting to clear the trash bins or doing other frequent tasks, inappropriately is a huge weakness. You should consider switching your janitorial team. Professional and experienced janitors are always organized to handle all basic and custom customer requirements.

Ignoring to handle such tasks is a sign that you need to get a new team with more energy and zeal when handling customer requirements. It is very important to stick with a janitorial company that offers consistent services. This ensures getting good value for your money while maintaining that your work environment is hygienic for customers and staff.

  1. Inappropriate Equipment And Cleaning Methods

Offering quality janitorial service requires having the appropriate equipment and cleaning methods. A professional janitorial company invests in the necessary equipment to handle all customer requirements. The use of outdated and broken down equipment with poor methods doesn’t offer quality service. In addition, the project is likely to take much longer only to end up with poor results.

Consider switching to a janitorial service company with updated equipment and modern cleaning methods for guaranteed quality service. A company that doesn’t invest in itself is only after getting money from clients’ pockets. When you notice the janitors using old equipment or outdated methods, it is time to give them the boot.

  1. Precautions Against Risks And Liability

Have you noticed your janitorial team taking hazardous risks? It is the right moment to give them the boot. You must always ensure that your janitorial team acts professionally while meeting workplace safety and health standards. Allowing the janitors to take careless risks is likely to lead to accidents and injuries that might put your brand in a bad spot.

You should consider hiring a janitorial company that follows industry standards, follows business regulations with certification to handle cleaning products. Inappropriate use of cleaning chemicals and other chemicals puts your staff and customers at risk. It might also lead to the presence of foul odors in your working space. Consider switching to a janitorial team that incorporates green practices in all their work processes.

  1. High Staff Turnover

Do you notice new staff every time the janitors come? The inability of the company to stay with staff for long means that something is not going on right. Perhaps the company mistreats its employees and doesn’t comply with industry regulations. It is better not to continue associating with a company with a bad reputation. Consider switching to a more professional janitorial company that values its staff to keep your brand reputation.


Look out for the above signs to determine whether to stick with them or to get a new janitorial service. A professional and reliable company understands meeting customer expectations while valuing its staff by avoiding putting them at risk.


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