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When people move to a newly constructed house, they usually find that the door locks are pre-installed and mostly brand-new. At times, it’s easy to disregard the condition of these locks, particularly when everything looks fine on the surface and there are no indications that a repair or a replacement is needed. However, ensuring that the door locks in your home are in good working condition is crucial to your family’s well-being and safety.

Homeowners should never underestimate the importance of home security. It’s a vital factor in the comfort and welfare of the occupants and should never be overlooked or compromised. As such, it’ll be wise to pay more attention to the condition and durability of door locks in your home.

Whether they’re brand-new or vintage, how can you tell if the door locks in your household should be replaced? Here are seven signs that indicate when change is needed:

  1. Inferior-Quality Locks

For newly built homes, it’s common to have the most basic type of door locks in place. They may be brand-new and working just fine, but at times, they may have generic mechanisms which might make the house easy to break into. It’s usually up to the owners to upgrade the door locks to have a more sophisticated security system.

If you notice that your door locks are loose, falling apart, or misaligned, then these are signs for you to look for sturdier and more advanced options. Deadbolts, mortise, and fingerprint locks are rated high when it comes to the complexity of their mechanisms and the level of security they can provide. Though an upgrade can be an addition to your expenses, it can prove to be a good investment for you and your loved ones’ increased security in the long run.

  1. Old Locks

Door Locks

Expert locksmiths in saunders-locksmiths.co.uk/ agree that it’s ideal to have door locks replaced every seven years. If you’ve recently acquired a pre-owned property, it’s not likely that the locks are always new. You can check for yourself if they’re still functioning well, or you can also ask for that information from the property owner before moving in.

If you have concerns over the condition and durability of the locks, it’s always best to take preemptive measures by having them checked by professionals and replaced as needed. Time-worn locks may still be functional, but their sturdiness may have deteriorated over time.

  1. Faulty Or Visibly Damaged Locks

Some door locks can be damaged due to corrosion, misuse, or normal wear and tear. It can be quite an inconvenience to have a door that doesn’t shut properly because of an uneven latch or a deadbolt with a broken key stuck inside the hole. Once you notice damage on your door locks and you can tell that they’re no longer in their optimal condition, it’ll be best to address the problem head-on by replacing them. This can prevent unforeseen incidents, like being locked out of your home or being unable to lock the bathroom door for privacy.

  1. Compromised Locks

If you have a reason to believe that someone may have entered your home without your knowledge, or you discovered that your door had been broken into, then it’s crucial that you take steps to reinforce the security system you have in place. Sadly, cases of burglary and trespassing are quite common nowadays, and homeowners can only do so much to prevent them. In this situation, it’ll be quite useful to get a professional to check the door locks on each house entry point. If they seem compromised or easy to break into, you might want to change them to guarantee your family’s safety and prevent future break-ins.

  1. Access Restriction Becomes Necessary

There are some life events that may require keeping people from entering your house, even those who, somehow, became a good part of your life.

Perhaps you bought an old property, and you want to ensure that the previous owners will no longer have access to it once you settle in. You may have had a roommate or a former partner who just moved out, and you want to restrict their access moving forward. Maybe you lost some of your keys, too. These situations may push you to change all your locks and keys. To protect your privacy and security, you may need to supplement the bolts that you have in place and by rekeying or upgrading them.

  1. You Want A Style Upgrade

You may have heard about a state-of-the-art home security system that you think will greatly complement your household. Or, you may want a Baroque-designed door handle with a digital locking system. If you suddenly want a new style that’ll simultaneously boost your home security and elevate its aesthetics, then it’s time for you to get that upgrade.


Nowadays, there are many door lock options available for security needs in your home. As a homeowner, it’s important that you ensure you have the best quality of home security that’ll protect your family and property. If you think replacing those old locks will help you sleep better at night, then there’s no better time to upgrade them than the present.

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