6 Simple Ways That You Can Make Your Bedroom Look More Luxurious


Luxurious Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the rooms in your home that you probably spend the most time in— hopefully, at least seven or eight hours a night when you’re sleeping. You may also spend some time lounging in your bedroom, especially on lazy days when you’re not working, so why not create a luxurious space that you’ll love going to when you need to relax and recharge? Here are six simple ways to create a luxury bedroom.

  1. Statement Pieces

A statement piece is something that becomes the focal point of your bedroom or whatever room you’re designing. It sets the tone for your entire room, so the key is to choose one statement piece. Examples of statement pieces can include:

  • Accent wall
  • Bed frame
  • Dresser
  • Vanity

An accent wall (a wall that is painted/wallpapered a different color) can be paired with another statement piece to help draw the focus to that piece. If your bed frame is a statement piece, it should be placed on the accent wall, and the two colors should contrast to avoid one fading into the other. The same goes for your dresser or vanity— but other pieces of furniture shouldn’t compete with these.

  1. Rugs And Flooring

Adding a rug to a room is one of the simplest ways to add luxury. It adds texture, patterns, and warmth to your room and creates an overall cozy feeling. Just make sure that your rug doesn’t compete with your statement piece.

When it comes to the flooring in your bedroom, you may not want to add a rug if you have carpeted flooring— especially high-pile carpet. Harder flooring types, such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and even cork and concrete flooring, are perfect for accommodating a huge, thick rug. You may even be able to get away with having a rug on top of a low-pile carpet.

  1. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are another way to give a room a more luxurious look. Odds are, you have a pretty standard light fixture in your room, so to create a more luxurious look and feel, switch it out for a chandelier or another type of hanging fixture. You can spend as little or as much as you want on a new light fixture, with chandeliers ranging in price from $300 to well over $5,000.

  1. Furniture

If your bedroom is large enough, why not add some furniture like a chair or two, or maybe even a leather sofa? Many people add these types of furniture pieces to their room either in a corner (chairs) or in front of their bed (sofa). If you choose to do this, just keep in mind that the sofa in front of your bed, your bed frame, and your accent wall all shouldn’t compete against one another— they should all work together as the focal point of your bedroom. If you can successfully pull this off, then you’ll have created a very luxurious space.

  1. Display Artwork

Hanging artwork on your walls, whether bought or created yourself, is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. You may not think of displayed artwork as a luxury, but luxurious homes and many luxurious hotels all have gorgeous paintings and maybe even sculptures displayed in their hallways and some rooms. You’re more likely to see paintings in bedrooms than you are to see sculptures, but you can display any type of artwork you’d like. Just make sure that if you’re displaying a sculpture that it doesn’t make your room look too cluttered— clutter does not equal luxury.

  1. Create A Canopy

A canopy is cloth draped or hung up over something, and it doesn’t get more luxurious than having a canopy bed. All you need is four posts on your bed frame to be able to drape curtains over them. If you already have your chosen bad frame, you can still create a canopy effect by using wall and ceiling curtain tracks to hang curtains around your bed. This method will give you more space around your bed than you would have with a traditional canopy bed, or you can place the curtains and curtain tracks closer together.

You’ll want to balance all of this luxury with comfort, and luckily the two almost always go hand-in-hand. Don’t forget to choose a comfortable mattress, bedding, pillows, blankets, and even furniture for your bedroom to create the ultimate relaxing environment.

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