6 Small Apartment Decorating Ideas To Take Care Of Your Aesthetic And Functional Requirements


With perks like closer proximity to downtown life, lower rent, and an undeniable charm to it, living in small apartments is quite on the rise these days. However, life can become a bit cumbersome for you if you don’t know how to decorate a small apartment appropriately. One of the most common misconceptions that hinder people in decorating tiny apartments optimally is to focus only on the functionality aspect while not paying attention to the design element. Having an apartment short on size doesn’t necessarily mean having an apartment short on style. That’s why we are here with these 6 Small Apartment Decorating Ideas to Take Care of Your Aesthetic and Functional Requirements.

  1. Segregate Different Areas Intelligently

Graceful Small Bedroom Interior Designs

A small apartment’s ambiance can sometimes look messy to the eye, especially when it lacks definition. Therefore, delineating the space into separate areas becomes quite imperative in small space living, but that remains insignificant unless you give each area-specific purposes.  For example, shoes and coat racks can be placed by the door to give the entryway impression. Similarly, the kitchen and dining area can be segregated by positioning a buffet in between. This will help you with serving as well as creating some extra storage. This intuitive delineating is especially helpful for people living in studio apartments, where space is at a premium. The significance of taking the aesthetical and practical aspects of a household side by side is much more than anywhere else.

  1. Dual Purpose Furniture Is The Way To Go

Apartment Bedroom Ideas 8 Ikea Studio Apartment Design Ideas

It is essential to realize that every single inch of space counts if you want to decorate a small apartment in the best manner. Investing in furniture pieces designed to serve dually will help you get the most out of room space at your disposal. A room divider featuring storage blocks not only helps in delineating the bedroom area but also helps to store and showcase your possessions. Instead of a conventional one, a sofa-bed can help you create more space while you lounge over it during the day, folding it as a sofa. Or you might consider contemporary leather beds with storage, which would bestow you with conveniently accessible storage space without occupying any extra space in your small apartment. Moreover, nowadays, sofa beds with storage are also available, making it even better when you aim for optimal use of floor space.

  1. Find A Purpose For Unused Spaces

Studio Loft Interior Design

Spending a considerable amount of time in one place might result in you being caught up in a rut, as far as using the space is concerned. For optimally using the limited space at your disposal, you must have a sharp eye to identify all those “dead spaces” that haven’t been put to productive use of space. For example, turn one side of the fireplace into a handy study corner while using the other for storage and showcasing purposes. The vacant space on top of your refrigerator can be consumed by a few baskets where you might hide those occasionally used serving plates. It also depends on the size and shape of the space you want to furnish, which means that your efforts might go futile unless you have a good awareness of your living space’s structural limitations.

  1. Let The Walls Take Care Of Storage

Dazzling Girl Kid Room

Strange, as it may sound under normal circumstances, but the walls in any room can take the best care of storage issues when you are facing the dilemma of a shortage of space in a home. One of the best ways to tackle a shortage of space is to think horizontally and vertically. If you can do that effectively, storage will no longer remain an issue for you. For example, there can be literally countless ideas for that, placing identical bookshelves on both sides of a doorway to mimic a built-in shelving look. Or you may consider resorting to a full-sized entertainment center reaching from floor to ceiling, also serving as an adorable room divider between sleeping and living areas of your small apartment. In fact, this approach works well for all areas of a home, from the kitchen to bedroom, bestowing you with generous storage space ultimately, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

  1. Let The Light Colour Palettes Light Up Your Small World

Surprising Interior Design Efficiency Apartments

If you want to light up your small world big time, you better go for light color palettes when choosing the hues to be splashed around you in your small apartment. It is the very nature of dark colors to visually make spaces smaller while light colors go exactly the opposite way, opening things up in a small place visually. So, you need to take things a little light to light up your small heaven. However, to spice things up a bit, contrasting accent pieces always work wonders.

  1. Let The Curvatures Add Visual Space To Your Confined Place

Apartments Interior Design

Most of the time, tiny apartments tend to be boxy and angular in their dimensions. Silver City Housing Scheme is an advance and modern project that will help you get quick approval. A little wisdom and an out-of-the-box approach can help you use this aspect to your benefit rather than hindering you as a shortcoming. This can be done by choosing curvaceous furniture items, which will also keep things from looking monotone. The best way is to compliment such furniture items by using accessories having the same shape. Moreover, curvaceous furniture also helps people move around by leaving more space in traffic zones.


To conclude, decorating a small apartment is about finding the right balance between room decor’s aesthetic and functional aspects. Focusing on any one area and leaving the other unaddressed will never yield you the desired results. You might find this challenging initially, but doing so will become much easier for you with the tips given here. The easiest way to get along with something you are not good at is to start taking an interest in it, and it will turn into a fun venture. And lastly, don’t hesitate to share some of your own ideas with us in the comment section below.

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