6 Smart Home Technologies in Modern Homes


Smart homes are the new rave in real estate. Smart homes are drawing a huge following of consumers who value convenience, style, and efficiency. With the rapid expansion of Internet connectivity, the real estate industry and advanced home devices have been trying to keep up with the fast-evolving technology landscape. Indeed, as attested by surveys, smart home technology can be a decisive factor in selling real estate. From smart lighting to wireless locks, several high-tech yet friendly devices are being sought by consumers from real estate developers. Consider these six smart home devices to increase the value, desirability, and sellability of your space.

  1. WiFi Coffee Maker

WiFi Coffee Maker

Smart coffee makers have been making a splash recently. Many smart home buyers and prospective renters are realizing the need for it. Well, who wouldn’t? If smart systems are making lives safer, the reasoning goes that they should also make lives more convenient. A smart coffee maker provides just that: it caters to the consumer’s need for coffee and technological convenience. The machine is controllable via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. And with a click of a button, morning coffee is made just in time before waking up. The brainy machine is capable of handling coffee with care and finesse, ensuring the best possible cup of java to energize the day.

  1. Smart Light Design Technology

Smart Light Design Technology

Any space is brought to life with the right lighting. DMCI Homes, a leading figure in real estate in the Philippines, is understanding the need to illuminate living spaces. The company’s signature Lumiventt design technology accomplishes this by allowing light to circulate the building, from the residential units to common areas like the one they did at Brixton Place. This brilliantly enables condo owners and renters to appreciate what the beauty of the Philippine tropics can provide in terms of lighting. To establish interplay of light and natural surroundings, landscape atriums are created with plants, pathways, and mood lighting. Technology and light are combined to create a unique atmosphere that is positively vibrant and far from the typical image of suffocating condo spaces. 

  1. Wireless Lock Security

Wireless Lock Security

There’s no question that home and condo dwellers want to secure and maintain their homes with the best technology available, but the truth is many are still left in the dark about intelligent living. Luckily, the real estate industry is embracing intelligent living as integral to modern spaces. The increasing presence of smart wireless locks is one great example. Providing high-security and stylish complement to any home wireless locks are being integrated into more living spaces as a staple. Bear in mind that doors and entryways are the primary targets of criminals who want to invade homes. With a smart wireless lock, home invasions and burglary cases due to flimsy doors can be eliminated. Those without a special key or unique code won’t be able to get past the door. It’s great for both solo and family dwellers because of the fortress-like security it provides. You can receive a notification to your mobile device as your kids enter the house and when you need to lock the doors remotely. 

  1. Environment-Friendly and Efficient Smart Shower

Environment-Friendly and Efficient Smart Shower

We know that water is life. As much as we want showers to belong and relaxing, we are also becoming more conscious of our water consumption. Thanks to documentaries and environment cause backed up by Hollywood stars, more people are aware of the need to conserve water. With a smart shower, homes are better equipped to do just that. Showering is made more efficient as well. A smart shower lets the user know if it has gone beyond the ideal two-minute bath, and if the water temperature is too hot or too cold. It’s perfect for homes and modern condominiums that value sustainable and intelligent living. What you get is a relaxing experience that reduces the impact on the environment.

  1. Hardworking Window Cleaner

Hardworking Window Cleaner

You may have a pristine-looking real estate, but with dusty windows, it can look dull and dim. Many people “forget” about making sure their windows are polished because they can be hard to clean. It’s important to know that many consumers consider window cleaning to be such a hassle. What if you’re told that there’s a hardworking window cleaner that does the job? The smart window cleaner is designed to work in three steps: spray, rub and wipe. It also can accurately calculate the size of the window glass. The only work required of you fills the device with cleaning solution, attach to your window, and press the power button. You will quickly have clean windows without getting your hands dirty, and you get the feeling like you’ve done a tedious chore.

  1. Cost-Efficient Learning Thermostat

Cost-Efficient Learning Thermostat

With fluctuating indoor and outdoor temperatures, it’s no surprise that many consumers prefer the home temperature to adjust based on ideal levels automatically. If it’s hot outside, for example, then it should make their home or condo cooler. Or, if they’ll be out exercising for an hour, they want to return to a home with the perfect temperature. The outside environment and work schedule are two things that the learning thermostat incorporates into its system. It can adjust based on external temperature and user lifestyle. It will essentially create an environment to suit each user’s lifestyle. Because of its efficiency, it also significantly contributes to energy conservation, allowing consumers to save on energy costs. It’s like having your cake and eating it: you get the ideal indoor climate while you save on energy and electrical expense.

With smart home technology, you’re in a better position to clinch a sale. Whether you’re catering to a buyer or renter, these devices add value to living spaces for the simple reason that they make life easier and safer. Today’s smart home trend shows how far the future of real estate can go in terms of attracting consumers toward intelligent living.

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