6 Things Not to Do When Creating Time Lapse Videos


6 Things Not to Do When Creating Time Lapse Videos

These days, time-lapse is becoming increasingly popular. It involves taking a series of photos over a specified period, which is presented quickly, making the slow action seem to happen in fast forward mode. It is usually used and shown in educational videos, like explaining the growth of a plant or animal. It can also be used to put a creative twist to your road trip videos or for construction businesses, the best way to document the completion of their projects is to do a construction time lapse video.

There are several dos and don’ts in making a creative time-lapse video. Read on to avoid common mistakes when doing your very own time-lapse video.

  1. Avoid Shooting From A Single Point Of View

Can you imagine how boring it’s going to be looking at the same angle of a moving ship for a minute? Create your storyline before shooting and get as many aspects as you can to avoid wasting time and effort in doing a video; no one is going to watch beyond 15 seconds.

  1. Day Shooting Without ND Filters

Neutral- density (ND) filters lessen the frequency of light passing through your lens without altering the color of your subject. Without these ND filters, your scenes will not have that enjoyable blurred effect; instead will look frozen.

  1. Filming On Autofocus

Turn off that auto-focus setting while shooting your time-lapse video; otherwise, you will have that frustrating effect of your photos zooming in and out without proper timing.

  1. Never Use An Unstable Tripod

It only takes a few slight and unintentional movements to ruin a time-lapse. So make sure to mount that tripod steadily and capture your audience from start to finish!

  1. Second-Rate Openers

Did you go through all the trouble of shooting you’re time-lapse to use a lousy opener? Your opener is the deciding factor whether the viewer will watch your whole 2-minute video.

  1. Unfit Music For Your Time-Lapse

Make sure that your chosen background music fits the theme of your time-lapse. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of a perfectly shot time-lapse.

There you have it! Keep these in mind, and you are on your way to being a time-lapse master.


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