6 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Stair Lift In Sacramento CA


A stair lift is used to aid people with going up and down stairs. It is attached to the sides of the rail, the person who needs the assistance goes to the chair, and then they are lifted up and down the stairs with ease. This gear is particularly helpful for homes in Sacramento with stairs, and where there is a family member who may have some difficulty climbing.

Here are things for you to consider when choosing a stair lift:

  1. Know The Kind Of Stairs You Have At Home

Residential Stair Lift

Stairway systems can either be straight or curved. Straight staircases are most common in homes; however, there are some homes, which also have a curved one. Hence, it is essential for you first to identify the kind of stairs you have so that you can choose the specific configuration of your stair lift. You can either pick the kind that takes you up and down or another one that is also made to make turns, for curved stairs.

To start your search and shopping for the stair lift that fits your stairs at home, you can start viewing for options and https://nwliftsnorcal.com/; take down notes, too, so you can bring this with you when you purchase one at Sacramento.

  1. Assess Your Family’s Budget


You should put into consideration your own family’s budget when deciding to purchase a stair lift since these do not come cheap. The price for stair lifts for straight stairs starts at 3,000 USD, while curved ones start at 9,000 USD. However, there are also other more affordable options such as buying second-hand stair lifts that are still in good condition; you can ask the store for this option too.

Experts say that a stair lift that is still less than two years old can still work as correctly as it should. Nevertheless, a single cost like this is even more practical and will always be worth it, when you have the safety of a family member that will be put to risk without this.

  1. Measure Your Specific Stair Lift Fit Or Needs

Home Lift

Apart from the design, stair lifts can also vary based on the size of the patient that will need it, and the weight as well. It is crucial, therefore that you have these statistics in mind when you are choosing for a stair lift in Sacramento for your home. You can also take into consideration the following factors:

  • Size of the stair lift seat that will be most comfortable for the patient
  • Any swivel features, to make it easier to rotate and alight
  • Adjustable arm and footrests

It is highly recommended that when you are shopping in Sacramento for a stair lift for your home, you take along your patient with you, such that you are risking only little room for error. Have your patient sit on the various samples that a store may have, as in that way; you can ensure that you are making the most value for what you are paying for.

  1. Measure The Specific Dimensions Of Your Stairs

Platform Lift

Before you head out to Sacramento to purchase a stair lift, it is essential for you to remember to measure the specific dimensions of your stairs as well. Doing so is an essential thing to do when buying a fixture that has to be attached to your home, in a permanent sense. Measure the whole length of your stairs, from top to bottom. When you do this, you are entirely sure with your purchase, such that it will not be too small or too big for the area.

  1. Ask About The Customer Hotlines And Other Services


Matters about your stairlift do not end upon final purchase. Even after you have already bought one, there are still many instances where you might have to contact your stair lift installer for possible problems that may arise. It is crucial that you choose the stairlift provider that has the following:

  • The most accessible line of communication
  • A team of skilled repairmen and installers

Keeping these in mind will help you have peace of mind that should anything wrong happen to your stair lift, you have a team of reliable people who can help you out with repairs.

  1. Choose From Trustworthy Brands

Stair Lift

When you are choosing from various options, do select the stair lift that is a product of a reputable brand. The best way for you to assess if a brand is trustworthy is to ask recommendations from a hospital, nursing homes, and even from doctors, or other families who have previously bought one. You can also do your research on the Internet. Be familiar with all the brands first before you purchase one in Sacramento, and do check beforehand as well if they have showrooms in the area. It is a fact that stair lifts are quite expensive; hence, you have to have an assurance that you are getting your money’s worth.


A stair lift is always one of the best solutions to help make navigation from upstairs to downstairs, and vice versa, more accessible; this applies to those families with members who need special aid or even those who have seniors in their homes. One prudent act of installing a stair lift can avoid any accidents later on. Most importantly, it will instantly improve your family members’ quality of life as well. For more information visit https://www.accessbdd.com/

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