6 Thoughtful Ways To Honor A Loved One


Honor A Loved One

Losing a loved one is never easy. While funerals and memorial services honor those who have passed and comfort the living, they do very little in terms of long-term remembrance. After all, funerals only last a few hours, but the grief of losing someone lasts a lifetime. This is why people often seek ways to honor deceased loved ones in their everyday lives. From igniting candles with scents that remind them of their loved ones to having their cremated ashes turned into a diamond, there are countless ways to memorialize someone who means a lot to you.

Instead of dwelling on how life won’t be the same without your loved one, turn your attention to keeping their memory alive in thoughtful, meaningful ways. It’s hard, but finding ways to celebrate their life enables you to mourn healthily and work through your sadness. While your loved one is no longer with you in their physical form, memorializing them is an excellent way to keep them by your side spiritually. So how can you honor your deceased loved one in a meaningful way? Let’s look at a few thoughtful ways to honor a loved one.

  1. Light Candles In Their Honor

Light The Candles

Many cultures use candles to honor the dead. There are many ways to do this, but if you’re looking for a special, personal way to honor someone you’ve lost, candles infused with their favorite fragrances are a beautiful option. Maybe your grandmother loved the smell of fresh lilacs, or perhaps your favorite aunt enjoyed roses. Whatever the case may be, burning candles featuring their favorite scents is a lovely way to honor them.

Memories candles can take you back to special moments spent with loved ones. From candles featuring scents reminiscent of your grandmother’s kitchen to ones infused with the aromas of events like weddings and birthdays, there are several options from which to choose. There are also state candles that feature fragrances associated with various places throughout the U.S. Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories, so a single whiff of the right candle can take you on a mental and emotional trip to another place and time. Whatever one you choose, lighting candles is a beautiful and uplifting way to honor those who have passed.

  1. Do Things You Did Together

One of the hardest parts about losing someone is knowing that you’ll never be able to do things with them again. You don’t have to give up those activities entirely, though. If you and your loved one enjoyed binge-watching sci-fi shows on Netflix, don’t stop because they are no longer by your side. Or, if you took annual fishing trips together, plan to keep taking your yearly trip. Continuing to participate in the activities you once did with your loved one keeps their memory alive, and your person will likely be right beside you in spirit the entire time.

  1. Take Over Old Traditions

Christmas Eve dinner

Did your grandmother host Christmas Eve dinner at her house every year? Take over the responsibility and invite loved ones to your home instead of letting the tradition die. Or did your favorite uncle fire up the grill for every birthday? Now it’s your turn to follow in his footsteps.

As older family members pass, the traditions, they started often die along with them. This creates an even larger void in your life. Keeping family traditions alive yourself won’t feel quite the same as enjoying them while your loved ones were still there, but it’s an excellent way to honor their legacy and gather with family to share fond memories.

  1. Have Their Ashes Made Into A Diamond

If your loved one was cremated, there are many things you can do with their ashes. You can place them in an urn, scatter them in a special place, add some to a necklace; the list goes on and on. If you are searching for an incredible way to honor someone, consider having a small amount of their ashes made into a cremation diamond. Cremation diamonds are a unique means of honoring deceased loved ones. The process takes a few months to complete, but, in the end, you’ll have a diamond grown from the carbon in the deceased person’s ashes. This diamond can be set in a ring, pendant, or just about any other type of jewelry imaginable. Of all the ways to honor someone who has passed, having their ashes made into a diamond is one of the most unique.

  1. Support A Cause That Was Close To Their Heart

When someone passes away, donating to a charitable organization they supported is a traditional way of honoring them. Whether that means writing a check to your local animal shelter or sending money to a national organization like the Red Cross, donating to their favorite charity is a lovely way to pay your respects to the deceased. It isn’t the only option, though.

Consider hosting a fundraiser to raise money for an organization your loved one supported. If they were passionate about education, establish a scholarship fund in their name. Did your person regularly participate in drives to raise money for various causes and organizations? Take their place, and start participating in these events in their honor.

  1. Plant A Tree, Bush, Or Flowers

Plant A Tree, Bush, Or Flowers

Your loved one may be gone, but you can still honor their memory by adding new life to the planet. Plant a tree, bush, or flower garden, and visit the area regularly. It certainly isn’t the same as stopping by someone’s house for a visit, but it gives you somewhere to go to mourn and feel connected with the deceased. Watching new life spring forward eases some of the pain of loss, too.


The person you love is no longer by your side, but they’ll remain in your heart eternally. If you are looking for thoughtful ways to honor your loved one, the suggestions above are an excellent place to start. Making your loved one’s memory a part of your daily life is a lovely way to honor them and work through your grief.

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