6 Tips For Modernizing Your Bathroom

On July 26, 2016 by Kara Masterson

A remodeled bathroom can be the difference between a room that is a retreat and one that makes you cringe whenever you step inside. A modern bathroom becomes an inviting place where you are not embarrassed to share with your guests. These six tips will teach you how to effectively take your bathroom into the 21st century.

Update Bathroom Fixtures

Modern Bathroom Fixtures
This is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to update a bathroom. There are so many chic, modern faucet styles available that it is easy to find one to suits your tastes. Kiss your old taps goodbye, and opt for streamlined, stylish bathroom fixtures. You will definitely be surprised by how much of a difference just changing the fixtures in your bathroom can make. It’s amazing!

Get Rid of the Tub and Shower Combination

Rain Showerhead
Nothing dates a bathroom like an old, clunky white tub with a showerhead on the wall at one end. Today’s bathrooms have gorgeous walk in showers that are flush with the floor and have large, luxurious ceiling showerheads. You can even use residential glass, such as that found at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., to make your shower door clear, and beautifully designed. Glass doors will definitely add a much more modern look to your bathroom than an old tub. If you must have a tub, it is much more modern to keep it separate from the shower.

Forget About Tile

Modern Bathroom Tile
The bathroom that is tiled from floor to ceiling is a relic of decades gone past. Modern style bathrooms embody a sleek look that tile can never capture. There are many ways to achieve a seamless look in your bathroom. Polished concrete has become a very popular material for new bathrooms because of the small expense and ease of installation.

Install a Bidet

Luxury Bidet
For years, Europeans have been privy to the luxury of a bidet in the bathroom. It is a sure way to impress guests and ensure your own comfort. You can have a stand-alone bidet or choose a model that combines a toilet seat.

Update the Light Fixtures

Bathroom Lighting
Modern light fixtures can instantly take a bathroom into the next decade. Choose ceiling and lamp fixtures that have modern lines and coordinate well with your desired look. It is also a good idea to try to match your lighting with the other fixtures in your bathroom. That way you can help maintain a modern, classy and elegant look.

Add Extra Storage for Reduced Clutter

Bathroom Storage
To keep your bathroom looking sleek, it is necessary to eliminate all clutter. Extra storage spaces to keep your cosmetics, towels and hair care items is the perfect solution to keep the clutter out of sight. You may even want to install some nice modern cabinets. That way you can minimize the amount of stuff left out and keep your bathroom looking clean and organized.

Your bathroom should be a sleek oasis that allows you to unwind at the end of each day, and these tips will help you create just that. Use one or all of them to get the modern bathroom you have always wanted.

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