6 Tips For Writing Great College Essays


Every student in college wants to perform well in their academics. After all, failing means retaking the course, which wastes both time and money. However, writing a high-scoring essay is not the most straightforward job, especially for learners with busy schedules. Lucky for you that we have gathered all the top tips which will help you to improve your college essay writing process regardless of the subject or topic.

How To Write Better Academic Papers

How To Write Better Academic Papers

College students who lack writing experience can be intimidated by the thought of producing original content from scratch. Harsh criticism and low grades also cause anxiety and contribute to a learner believing that they are not good enough to create excellent content. If you tend to freak out when it comes to writing, here are some of the tips to use when crafting a quality essay that is worthy of an A+ grade.

Go For A Topic That You Are Passionate About

Go For A Topic That You Are Passionate About

Nothing kills the creativity process fast, like crafting an academic paper from a topic that you have no interest in. Choosing a topic of interest not only works to showcase your knowledge in your field of study but also proves that you are an excellent student. While in some cases, a professor will give you a topic for your paper, they can also ask you to come up with one. When choosing the theme to write about, always evaluate the purpose of your assignment, consider the scope, and ensure it meets the academic requirements.

Write A Killer Introduction

Write A Killer Introduction

The trick to using your essay to impress the reader is to master the art of writing a killer introduction. With the right opening, you will engage the reader and make them see your point of view and the message you are conveying. When writing an academic paper, ensure that your introduction has a thesis statement, a hook, and a transition.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Scholars are often reluctant to ask for academic help from their professors. If you feel like your topic is too hard, then do not be afraid to ask for help. Paper Written is the best essay writing service that can help meet your academic goals, and you will be reaching out to a professional who was also once a student and someone who has probably gone through the same issues.

Strive For Originality

Essay Writing

Plagiarism can make your work to be disqualified, which puts all the hard work you used in writing the paper to waste. While you can use a sample as a guide on the type of structure, style, and format to include, in no way can you copy and paste the content and pass it off as your own. Instead, craft your essay from scratch and support your arguments with credible academic sources. Whether you are getting your information from the library or not, here are the types of sources to use as reference material:

  • Google Scholar
  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Academic journals
  • Academic databases
  • Books and periodicals
  • Newspapers
  • Government publications

Use The Right Citation Method

Get The Right Essay Writing Method

Ask any student, and they will quickly tell you that creating a bibliography is one of the hardest things. There are different types of referencing styles, all of which have a wide range of guidelines.

For instance, while APA will use the author-year format, with MLA, you will need to cite using the author and the page number. The trick to making sure that your assignment has the correct citation is to grasp the general guidelines of each style, be it APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, or Chicago. You can then refer to the handbook whenever you feel confused in a particular reference method.

Follow The Correct Structure

Follow The Correct Structure

Wondering what the proper essay structure is? A well-written composition should start with an introduction, followed by the body, and end with a catchy conclusion. While the introduction functions to hold the attention of the reader from the first to the last sentence, the body paragraphs are for providing the arguments for convincing the reader about your point of view. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence and explain one concept. The most effective way to write a conclusion is to rephrase your thesis and cement your argument.

Writing an academic paper from scratch is not challenging as long as you know the right structure, format, and style to follow. Apart from editing and proofreading, which helps to make sure that your paper is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, with the above tips, you can create content that will impress your professor.

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