6 Tips To Make Moving To A New Place Stress-Free


Moving To A New Place

People move for many reasons and to various places. Some move in search of good career opportunities, whereas others want to improve their quality of life. Places like Louisville are known for offering better healthcare facilities, affordable housing, and improved environmental quality. Therefore, it is experiencing an influx of people from big cities, according to Redfin.com

However, regardless of the reason prompting you to change your current location, it is a fact that moving brings a lot of stress and pressure.

When the initial days of excitement and anticipation of settling into a new place pass, you get the reality check. Thoughts of organizing, packing, and unpacking your stuff in the new place start hovering over your mind.

The major concern of most people regarding moving is to ensure that their belongings can withstand the hurdles of being in transit, especially if they are moving to another country.

Though completely eliminating the stress associated with moving is impossible, you can reduce it to a manageable extent.

  1. Contact A Mover Company At The Beginning

Mover Company

Hire a mover company as soon as you decide about moving. Taking a moving company on board at the earliest helps you plan various aspects of your trip with them. As for the moving company, it allows them to manage their schedule, which is often quite packed with moving projects.

If you are moving over long-distance, pick long-distance movers with ample experience in sending stuff from your current location, Louisville, Kentucky, to Dallas, Texas. Long-distance movers possess special expertise to keep your stuff safe while in transit. They can also ship your vehicles, valuable works of art, and other precious but delicate items.

If you are moving from Louisville, and looking for a reliable long-distance mover, contact Coleman Allied. They are one of the best Louisville long distance movers in the city. They can make your Louisville long-distance moving adventure stress-free.

  1. Make A List Of The Tasks

Make A List

Moving is quite nerve-wracking; the pressure can make you forget important tasks. Therefore, enlist tasks that must be completed before the moving day to avoid last-minute stress.

Along with the tasks, you can mention when each of them must be completed. Be thorough when making this list, and enter even the smallest activity. To make sure you don’t forget anything, go through each room in your home and make a note of everything that must be done before moving.

List tasks based on their priority. For instance, tasks like contacting a moving company, ordering packing supplies, and notifying important people and organizations must come first. Meanwhile, errands like packing your seasonal clothes can be left until closer to your moving day.

When you complete each task, check it off the list. It helps you stay organized and focused. You can also see your progress which relieves stress to a great extent.

  1. Declutter Your House

Declutter Your House

Moving can be an excellent opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need and organize your possessions in the house more efficiently.

Before packing your stuff, declutter your house. Start the process early, as it can be very time-consuming. Ideally, you should begin this process at least three weeks before your move.

Visit each room and area of the house one by one. Take out all the stuff from drawers and cupboards. Determine what you don’t want to keep and make piles of unwanted and unnecessary stuff.

Consider donating items that are in usable condition to a charity. You can also sell things you no longer need and get good money. Finally, discard broken or useless stuff.

  1. Have A Plan For Packing

Have A Plan For Packing

Once you have gotten rid of unwanted stuff, now is the time to start packing. Packing always takes longer than the anticipated time. So start packing when you are at least a few weeks away from the moving day.

Start packing from the room you use the least. It can be the study/library, kids’ entertainment, or sports rooms. Packing from these rooms will not disrupt your life significantly.

Similarly, pack stuff in the kitchen and bathrooms in the end, as you use these rooms till the final day of moving.

  1. Label Boxes

Label Boxes

Add content in the boxes and label them with the contents each contains and the place they belong to in your new house. This way, the mover company staff will place them at their correct location.

Labeling boxes with numbers helps you keep track of your belonging. Upon reaching the house, you can simply count the boxes to ensure everything has arrived safely. Labeling boxes also makes it easier to find what you need when unpacking without rummaging through multiple boxes.

Label boxes as soon as you complete packing to avoid confusion and ensure everything is labeled correctly. It’s easy to forget what’s inside a box if you take too long to tag it.

When putting labels on boxes, use a permanent marker. They won’t smear or rub off during transit. Also, use clear and legible handwriting so everyone can easily read the labels.

  1. Consider Renting A Storage Unit

Renting A Storage Unit

If there are items you cannot move due to limited space in the new house, consider keeping them in a storage facility until you decide about them. Keeping your belongings in a storage facility protects them from theft or damage.

Before renting a storage unit, determine what you need to store to choose the appropriate size of the unit. Make a list of the items you plan to keep. Also, consider their weight and size.

Always work with a reputable storage facility, even if it means paying them more than various others. After all, it is a matter of the safety of your belongings. Highly reputable storage facilities offer a secure environment and 24-hour surveillance.

Before placing your items in the storage unit, pack them appropriately using the right packing material. Use sturdy boxes and packing materials, and stack boxes and items carefully. All this will give you peace while you are busy moving the rest of your belongings.


When moving to a new place, a lot of factors must be considered to make it stress-free. Some factors to consider are mentioned above.

Eventually, the key to a stress-free move is to stay organized, keep track of your belongings, and make a plan that works for you. While moving can be unnerving, a little bit of preparation and effort can make it smooth and easy.

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