6 Ways To Beautify Your Home Interior With Electrical Switches


Home Interior With Electrical Switches

What crosses your mind when you think about your electrical switchboards at home? A boring whiteboard with switches and sockets barely receives attention other than when you need to switch on or off an electrical point or use it to plug in some device? If that’s the case, then it needs a change. Especially when we have some uber cool tips to spice up and make the mundane switchboards or electrical switches into objects of attraction and interest, read on for 6 amazing ways in which you can transform electrical switches into beautiful interior décor:

  1. Try Designer Sockets And Electrical Switches

Gone are the days when you need to stick to the old standard white switchboard and the plastic electrical switch. Beautiful, trendy switchboards and switches are available in different finishes and materials. Choose from laminated finishes, metallic polish, crystal finish, wooden finishes, and rustic or tarnished copper touches. This can add an aesthetic appeal and transform the look of the switchboards. You can choose something to complement your existing interior décor or create a contrast. Consider the paint color of the walls, wallpaper, décor items, and lighting used in the interior.

  1. Painted Switchboards: Turn Switchboards Into An Art

This can be a DIY option and a chance to explore your creative side. Use suitable colors that would stay put on the switchboard plate. Use your creative expressions or draw inspirations from Picasso’s or Dali’s styles. Use acrylic paints or resin-based paints. Spray an anti-fading spray once it’s dry. You can use a hair spray for this purpose as well. Doodle or paint your imagination. Try abstract painting. It adds a unique touch and transforms the switchboard plate into a piece of art.

  1. Turn The Electrical Switch Into A Piece Of Décor

This idea works best with solo switches. There are several ways to implement this. Try to put a picture frame over the switch plate. It can be an ornate or vintage, or a modern graphic style frame. It will look like a piece of décor in itself. You can also try polymer clay to make artwork around the plate and bring out the artist in you. Make figurines and beautiful clay art and paint over them. You can also try mosaic pieces, as these add an interesting and artistic touch to the electrical switch plates. Use pieces from broken glass, charms, tiles, sequins, etc., to make a mosaic pattern. These methods can give your switchboard a facelift, and instead of being an inconspicuous switch at a corner of the house, it can draw attention as a piece of décor.

  1. Draw Inspirations From Nature

Do you have a calling for the waves and the blue sea? Then consider using shells, fossilized mini aquatic life forms like crabs and starfishes, aquarium stones, and sand to bring a zest of the fresh sea into your interiors. You’ll need a hot glue gun to plaster these into place. You can try leaf and floral prints using vinyl stickers, decorative papers, and cut-out nature-themed patterns. Use a pen-knife and craft glue, and cut them out in their outlines. Stick them down, and once they are in place, they will look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Reflect Your Passion In The Way You Transform The Switchboard

    Designer Electrical Switches

Bibliophile? Transform the switchboard plate with classic book spines, especially if it’s a reading room or home library. Similarly, use pop culture references that you’re a fan of. Use comic book strips or vinyl stickers, or posters of your favorite comic book or anime character. Shape them up and cut them out as you would in the decorative paper method mentioned above, and voila! You have a part of your personality enshrined on the humble switch plate. Similar things can be done with the Harry Potter theme, GOT, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and other pop culture themes. It adds a dash of youthfulness and complements the personality of the person using the space.

  1. Low Effort Methods: Doodling And Stickers

If getting crafty or a complete renovation is not an option, then fret not, as all hope is not lost. Using stickers in a creative way can make the switch panel or electrical switch a corner for humor and witty creativity. You can also use doodle markers or chalks to draw around the switchboard and make your imaginary characters, animals, or patterns. You can get your hands on some vinyl decals for stickers or use any sticker of your choice. If you’ve got those dainty gemstone stickers or sequin stickers, use them to make beautiful sequences, patterns, paisleys, and mini mandala designs. The sky is the limit for your imagination.

Never thought that an overlooked but daily use item like switchboards and electrical switches could become a part of your interior aesthetic, did you? Well, now you have loads of ideas and inspirations to explore. We just ignited your passion for beautifying a functional yet usually dull space at your home.

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