6 Ways To Decorate The House With Lights This Christmas


Christmas Lights House Display

With Christmas and the holiday season just around the corner, it is the ideal time to start thinking about what light displays you will be putting up outside and around your house this year to get into the festive spirit. This year is the most eco-friendly time to invest in Christmas festoon lights, and they are the most multifaceted hanging Christmas lights from the gutter because they can be used for big and small projects in your home.

If you lack new ideas on how to decorate your home, here are six easy ways you can use lights in and around your home to make it more festive.

  1. Fairy Light Jars

Fairy Light Jars

If you have a short roll of fairy lights that are battery-operated, you can create these adorable and magical fairy light jars that will add a warm ambiance to your bedroom or living room. Load AAA batteries into these rolls and insert them into large mason jars. This is the perfect lighting activity for young kids, and you can add a creative flair to this activity by getting your kids to add their designs to the mason jars using multi-colored ceramic paint. So, if you want a no-fuss activity that looks amazing, these Christmas fairy light jars are one of the easiest ways to light up your home.

  1. Festive Card Displays

Christmas Cards

If you have a long roll of mini festoon lights slightly, create an awesome light-up display of the Christmas cards you receive. Find an empty wall and some adhesive hooks, and then link and layer your lights across the wall. Then when you get Christmas cards, hang them on the lights, and you have a temporary Christmas-themed artwork; then, if your card givers come around, you can show your appreciation of their letter. If, however, you are not expected to receive Christmas cards but still want to make this cute artwork, a helpful hint is to go to your local department store and buy a pack of Christmas-themed cards.

  1. Light Up Wreaths

Light Up Wreaths

This idea is quite effective if you still want to appear festive in your street but do not have time to set up extravagant light displays. To construct the wreath, it is a good idea to find a circular hose holder that you can wrap the lights around. Once constructed, attach to your door using adhesive hooks and electrical tape that will help hide the light’s cord to the outdoor output. If you want to be even more creative with your wreath, you should invest in programmable lights from your local department store.

  1. Gutter Lights

Gutter Lights

Gutter lights are a traditional way to set up your Christmas festoon lights with little fuss. These require a long reel of lights and a ladder to set up, but once set up, both you and your neighbors will appreciate it. If you want to light up more of your home, you can wrap the lights around your fence or pillars. However, if you choose to do this, make sure you have an available power board to put outside or invest in solar lights.

  1. Homemade Outdoor Christmas Trees

Homemade Outdoor Christmas Trees

This idea is for people that have a lot of free time around the holidays and a lot of spare Christmas lights. While if you have trees in your front yard, you can undoubtedly decorate them like a Christmas tree, this activity allows people who do not have trees in their front yard to make trees using lights and tree stakes. Place the stakes in a triangular or pentagon form close together, and then wrap the roll of lights around the stakes. You can even add a star decoration to the top of the tree with solar-powered stake lights to make it authentic. This will make your garden look amazing and look like a professional lighting expert assembled or made this decoration.

  1. Custom Made Party Favours

Christmas Party

If you have a Christmas party and want to help your guest get into the fun and festive spirit, you should design and create reindeer and Santa party favors. These party favors are fairly simple to make and use battery power lights. Firstly, you could make reindeer noses using fillable colored baubles and elastic. Pass the elastic through the bauble fixture and fill the bauble with singular battery lights to create your light-up noses. If you have ample time, you could also create light reindeer ears and Santa beards using cardboard cutouts and mini lights. This idea is perfect for a makeshift photo booth at any Christmas; it can even be decorated with more fairy lights.

Therefore, there is no excuse not to have Christmas lights up and around your home because they are so easy to set up. However, if you are on the fence about decorating the outside of your home with festoon lights, in Australia, many suburbs run Christmas light fundraisers and competitions for local children’s charities to help provide Christmas gifts. Hence, you should check if there is a local campaign in your council area.

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