6 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready For Summer

On May 19, 2016 by Preeti Shah

The time to prepare your yard for BBQ’s and parties is upon us. This is also the season to pluck and prune, so your property will be an envy of the neighbours. Work hard now so you can sit back and lounge when the sun is hot.

There are many ways to get your yard summer-ready, but a few basics will set the groundwork for everything extra. Here are six ways to get your yard prepared for long days and lazy nights.

6 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready For Summer

Prepare The Land For Re-growing Grass

It’s time to walk outside and assess the damage that winter left behind. The reason why is “winter kill”. Naturally, grass should regrow every year, but if the roots were weak heading into the colder months, there is a possibility that some of the herbs have died.

The best time to spread seeds in colder environments is the end of summer and beginning of fall. But begin the preparation process by removing old, dead grass in patches and mixing organic nutrient-filled matter to strengthen the area.

Add Nutrients To Flower Beds

Feed flower beds and spread compost. Also, remove weeds (compost may keep weeds at bay). Doing things like this can help improve your garden and provide you with beautiful flowers.

Fix Old Lawn Furniture Or Buy New

When buying new seating and tables, choose wicker for a country-style feel that blends with the natural surroundings. Resin wicker is a durable option. It is created from a combination of wood and synthetic material, which results in versatile furniture that is water-resistant and can withstand seasonal fluctuations. Permanent wicker seating is the best option for you when it comes to finding long-lasting outdoor furniture.

Give the garden a facelift

Fix garden borders by replacing missing rocks. Also, when spreading flower seeds, or planting adults, choose a species that will survive your climate. Also, familiarise yourself with the essentials required to keep the flowers alive and healthy (adequate sun exposure and watering). It is also a good idea to prune old favourites that have begun to grow back.

Wage War Against Insects And Other Critters That Will Destroy Your Hard Work

It is time to look into pesticides and insecticides when your flora becomes dinner. Aphids, also known as plant lice, are one group of culprits to be on the watch for. Also, snails, carpenter bees, moles and mice are a landscaper’s nemesis.

If the idea of pesticides makes you cringe, look into natural solutions. Several companies offer green alternatives to pest eradication.

Clean The Grill Area

A clean, separate area for grilling will come in handy when cooking indoors becomes difficult. Scrub the grill, remove leaves from the surroundings and add a few lawn chairs.

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