6 Ways To Maintain Your Kitchen Appliances This Fall


Spring cleaning is a term most individuals are aware of, but what about fall maintenance? A lot of individuals are unaware of the proper ways of carrying out maintenance on their kitchen appliances. It is usually ideal to allocate some time in maintaining your kitchen appliances as the weather begins to get colder.

This is so that when the season for spring cleaning comes, your appliances would still be in great shape.

Below are six ways to maintain kitchen appliances this fall. These can aid in protecting these appliances from old age, damage, and rust.

  1. Clean Your Appliances

Clean Your Appliances

There are lots of crucial appliances in the home; if you plan on maintaining your appliances, the first step is to clean them. Different appliances come in different ways to clean them. We shall be taking a look at some of them below as well as the various ways to clean these important appliances.


This is one of the most crucial kitchen appliances. The way the internal part of the refrigerator is constructed makes mold development easy. To avert wear and tear as well as the spread of these pests, below are some crucial tips for cleaning:

Take out all the items in the refrigerator then scrub using soap and warm water

Remove stains using baking soda after taking

Before reassembling the items, be sure to get rid of expired or spoilt food

Use a dry cloth to clean up the refrigerator before you place food in again

Check and ensure the seals of the fridge are intact

Check the condenser coils behind the fridge for any debris or dust. If you find any, use a brush to get rid of it.


Also, for the coffee maker, distilled white vinegar can be beneficial. Top the reservoir of the machine with equal amounts of water and vinegar and put a filter made of paper in the basket. Let the combination brew midway and turn off the machine.

Allow it to sit for some minutes. Turn the coffee maker back on and let it complete the brewing. Drain the mixture, place a new filter, and put in clean water, drain and repeat two more times.


Remove the plug of the toaster, remove its crumb catcher, and wash it. Shake the machine to eradicate stuck food. Dry it properly before you plug it back in.

  1. Ensure Your Garbage Disposal Is Kept Place

Kitchen Garbage Disposal

This is an appliance most individuals only tend to observe when it starts smelling or breaks down. The great part about this appliance is that maintaining it is quite easy. Lemon slices can be frozen in ice cubes and thrown into the disposal twice weekly. Grinding the ice will help the blades stay sharp while lemon will help eradicate bad odor.

  1. Ensure Electric Stove Burners Have Good Contact

Electric Stove Burners

If your electric stove or burner is not correctly functioning. Turn off the burner and unplug it from its socket. Plug it once more and shake it, if it has a loose feeling, get it out and bend the prongs of the burner outward. You should do this slightly to get a tighter connection.

  1. Clear Stove Spills

Clear Stove Spills

If your stuff burner refuses to come on, it is probably as a result of a spilled meal. Clear spilled food from the igniter using a toothbrush. If it’s an electric stove, the igniter would be a tiny ceramic nub situated on the stovetop. You can find it underneath the ceramic seal strike plate. Also, confirm that you seat this round ceramic seal plate the right way on the burner.

  1. Maintain Rubber Gaskets

Kitchen Appliances

Lots of kitchen appliances come with rubber gaskets. To be certain they close tightly, rub a bit of cooking oil into the rubber gasket of the appliances. Performing this task frequently would guarantee they remain in great shape for a long time.

  1. Clean Your Tea Kettle

Clean Your Tea Kettle

You can clean the external part of almost any tea kettle using water and detergent. But for the internal parts, itis best to fill the kettle with a combination of water and white vinegar. Let the mixture boil and let it stay overnight. Empty the mixture and mix properly. You can carry out this process frequently.

Final Words

Kitchen appliances are one of the things you can easily ignore. But these appliances help make certain our kitchen tasks are smooth, simpler, and easy, so it is best to provide them with adequate maintenance.

Appropriately treating them by cleaning regularly will guarantee they run smoothly for years to come. If you are planning to purchase new kitchen appliances soon, pay a visit to the village bakery, an excellent resource for everyone who loves cooking, for the best brand recommendations.

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