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The summer season is upon us, which means it’s time to step outside, relax, and enjoy the sunshine. To improve your summer spare time, you may want to consider adding a few new features to your backyard that will make your outdoor space more relaxing. There are many ways to increase your comfort, with product options ranging from modern yard fountains to fire pits. There are also a few ways to make your backyard relaxing without spending too much.

The ideal backyard setup extends your indoor living space, making your outdoor space comfortable and accessible at all times. Many backyard setups are great for entertaining guests or hosting get-togethers with friends and family. Other backyards may feature a pool or hot tub, which creates a relaxing retreat for the homeowner. The backyard is a highly customizable space, which means you should choose the upgrades and extensions for your outdoor space that match your needs or intended use.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make your backyard more relaxing. We’ll start small and move up to the larger backyard improvements that have more of an impact on your space.

Plant Flowers To Add Color

You can pick up new plants for your backyard at your local garden store- stick with stores that aren’t chains or large retailers to get the best prices and quality. New flowers for the yard go a long way in adding color and comfort to your outdoor space and are almost always the first place you should start when improving your backyard.

If your yard doesn’t have an area where you feel comfortable planting flowers or other new plants, you may want to consider building planter boxes or a raised garden bed. These garden boxes are usually easy to put together and shouldn’t take more than a few hours to make. Check out this DIY guide for more information on creating a garden bed for your backyard.

Construct Or Buy A Fire Pit

A fire pit often serves as a focal point for the backyard, or at least for a backyard seating area. Building a fire pit for your backyard doesn’t have to be expensive- there are only a few basic materials you’ll need to pick up from a hardware or garden store. Most simple fire pits have a base of landscaping stones or bricks. You’ll also need a metal fire pit ring, a bag of gravel, and masonry adhesive, to keep the bricks together.

Before building or buying a fire pit, check your research or local laws and fire code to get information about what’s legal and what’s not when building a fire in your backyard. There are a few areas in the US where a fire pit is unfortunately not an option. Make sure your fire pit is situated away from the house, your fence, and any low-hanging tree branches to prevent accidents. You’ll also always want to have a method on hand for extinguishing the fire. You can read more about constructing an inexpensive fire pit for your backyard here.

Get A Backyard Fountain

A modern yard fountain is a great way to boost the visual appeal of your backyard and can inspire you to spend more time outdoors. Many traditional or artistic fountain designs can match the furniture, fence, or plants you already have. There are many fountains available that provide a relaxing or comforting sound that makes your backyard more of a retreat.

Purchase New Seating Options

Every backyard or patio needs a few comfortable places to sit, or you’ll never end up spending time outside! Even if you already have a few chairs for your outdoor space, you may want to consider upgrading your seating situation to make your backyard more relaxing.

There are many outdoor furniture options available, so you’ll want to start shopping for these products with a set budget range in mind. If you have a pool or fire pit, there are plenty of seating options designed to fit your yard specifically.

Make Room For A Pool Or Hot Tub

A pool or hot tub is the most direct way to make your backyard a more relaxing place. Not every backyard pool will take up all your outdoor space- many small backyard pools still offer all the benefits of a pool and end up looking great. While these construction projects are not cheap, they increase the value of your home substantially and can make your home easier to sell. You’ll also need to pay someone to keep your pool and hot tub clean and well maintained.

Build An Outdoor Kitchen

Are you looking for the ultimate upgrade for your backyard? Look no further than an outdoor kitchen. These kitchen spaces often feature a stove, set of cabinets, and full countertops with designs fit for all outdoor weather conditions. In an outdoor kitchen, your grill is only the start.

There are many ways to build out a bar seating area or covered patio area in conjunction with an outdoor kitchen. You’ll often need the assistance of an architect or several contractors to put together this type of space, which means the budget required is often far above the budget necessary for a pool or hot tub.


There are many ways to make your backyard more relaxing and inspire you to spend more time outside this summer. Improving your backyard doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money- there are many ways to make your outdoor space more comfortable for just a few bucks. For every garden, planting flowers and maintaining your existing plants is a great place to get started with creating a calming backyard atmosphere.

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