6 Ways To Make Your House Stay Clean Longer


Despite a lot of measures and efforts, houses are bound to get dirty. You cannot keep the dust and dirt out of the windows and doors. Kids do not possess that keen responsibility for cleanliness. Your pets are not your ideal clean buddy. Therefore, cleaning the house is an absolute necessity. There are many methods to do it, but if you are looking to lessen the burden, you should look at ways, which are more innovative and easy-to-do so that the cleanliness lasts longer.

It takes little steps like not leaving everything for a day and assigning 10 minutes every day for cleaning and using easily cleanable materials to achieve maximum results and for a longer duration. The top 6 tips that can be kept in mind are-

  1. Use Baskets For Everything

Basket For Everything

One sure shot method of avoiding clutter and keeping everything in place is by the useful organization and rightful segregation. Baskets help you achieve just that when they are assigned to hold on to a certain kind of thing. If you used baskets for everything, losing them won’t be a problem anymore, and you will have no difficulty in locating stuff when you need them. Do you find your kid’s socks at unexpected places? Are your clean and unwashed clothes dumped together? Not anymore! Just have different baskets assigned for these. You can sort out your laundry faster too.

  1. Place A Mat Outside Every Door

Doormat With Funky Message

Maximum dirt from the outside is carried inside the house through dirty shoes and feet, whether it be two or four-legged. The amount of dust accumulating on the doormat is a testimony to this. Placing a doormat outside and sometimes inside every door of the house makes people instinctively rub their feet or shoes on it. The material of the mat should also be such that it can be easily vacuumed.

  1. Clean Baseboards With Dryer Sheets

Clean Baseboards With Dryer Sheets

The good news is that dryer sheets are not exclusive for laundry only but can also be used to clean the house and keep them that way for a longer period. You can, in fact, reuse dryer sheets for this purpose, thus, making it an economical and environment-friendly method. How to keep your house clear of dirt? Use the dryer sheets to clean the baseboards. Not only does it repel the dust, leaving very less work for later, it also has a fragrance emanating out of it, giving the house a fresh and amiable smell.

  1. Buy A Compact Vacuum Stick

Vacuum Cleaner

The idea of getting out the heavy vacuum cleaner from an overhead cupboard and lug it around to clean the house takes away half your energy, and cleaning might become a burden. Technology has been a blessing by introducing a compact vacuum stick that is so small and lightweight that you can fit it almost anywhere and carry it around easily and even pick it up to reach the difficult corners.

  1. Brush Your Dog Outside Every Other Day

Brush Your Dog

People who have adopted this habit have noticed a marked reduction in fur inside the house. You can definitely not stop your furry friend from shedding hair, but instead of brushing them once a week thoroughly, dedicate a little amount of time every other day, outside the house, to groom your dog, and you will see the results soon.

  1. Make Cleaning Fun

Make Cleaning Fun

Everything becomes fun when it is in the form of some entertainment, and cleaning can be included in that bracket as well. Round up all your kids on a Sunday, play music, and fix a time for everyone to clean their particular room. One, who manages to do the best job in, say 10 minutes, gets a small reward afterward. You can engage your kids to assemble their toys and other belongings while you can concentrate on that one area that has been nagging you long. It is a win-win situation for all.

Having a neat and clean house is not only good for your hygiene and health but also provides a pleasing aesthetic to the eye. Follow the above tips, and you may have to work a little less hard to get them spic and span house.

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