6 Ways To Revamp Your Living Room This Spring


It’s time to let in some sunshine. After the harsh winter season, it’s the season of bloom, garden growing, and the sun shining and wondering how to give your home that seasonal spring decoration without going through so much trouble?

Read the following tips below on how to revamp and upgrade your living room from that cold winter look to a refreshing spring room.

  1. Allow More Lighting

Spring Lighting Ideas

Natural lighting from the sun instantly gives your living room the spring feel. Direct the light into your room with your bright coloured drapes. You can as well give your room an updated look with new lighting.

Some lightings in your room may be permanently fixed and may require your electrician to replace. But floor lamps or table lamps can be easily replaced.

Shop for lamps that help accentuate the interior whether by their designs or bright colours. Try adding a lemon-yellow coloured lamp or any other bright colour.

  1. Decorate With Flowers And Fruits

Decorate With Flowers And Fruits

Placing a bowl of lemons or apples on a table or stool is so cheerful and cost-friendly too. Fresh flowers will also bring new life and energy to your living room. Enjoy the warm weather with flowers that are beautifully arranged in beautiful flower vases or pots.

Spring flowers like daffodils, roses, and tulips are pocket-friendly. So next time you go to the market, pick up some fruit and some flowers.

  1. Replace Home Accessories

Replace Home Accessories

It is essential to know that the smallest changes can make a whole lot of difference. A simple swap of rugs can give your living room the much-desired shift in personality. A collection of items in line with the colour scheme of your living room will brighten up the looks of things.

Items like wall frames, wall clock or bottles displayed on a glass tray on your center table can bring out the freshness from your home.

  1. Throw In Some Pillows, Blankets, And Rugs

Throw In Some Pillows, Blankets, And Rugs

Throw pillows, floor rugs, and blankets come in various designs and patterns. To spice up a living room, consider patterned pillows, walls, and floors which introduce the room’s fresh, new accent colours.

Your room colour can be enhanced by placing accessories in the same colour tones all through your space. Whether you choose soft pink throw pillows or something more refreshing, swapping out fabrics is an ideal way to make your living room feel fresh and new.

  1. Give Windows A Good Scrub

Give Windows A Good Scrub

After the harsh winter season, windows are typically covered in dust and dirt. This dirt can get stuck in your windows and make them look dirty. Clean your windows with a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Your windows will thank you for this. This will ensure a clean shine.

  1. Use Lighter Fabrics

Use Lighter Fabrics

It’s time to put away the heavy duvet and thick blankets and clothing. Replace them with light fabrics such as linen or cotton. They are more permissible than thicker fabrics.

Lighter and beautifully patterned blankets placed on your armchair or sofa can make a room more beautiful and brighter.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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