6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Exterior


Homeowners usually invest a lot of time and energy into their home interior design, but what some of them seem to forget is that the exterior is what plays a crucial role in creating a good first impression. Therefore, we’ve singled out six interesting ways to spruce up your exterior and effectively improve your home’s curb appeal.

1. Paint Your Front Door

Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is a focal point of the exterior design, and you should find a way to boost its appearance. For instance, you can choose a bolder nuance like crimson red or lemon yellow and paint it in it. Additionally, feel free to add some accessories as well. We particularly like the idea of hanging a few potted flowers on both sides, which will contribute to the inviting atmosphere of your entire home.

2. Install Outdoor Lighting

Install Outdoor Lighting

Another exciting way to improve the exterior of your home is by installing outdoor lighting. For example, you can opt for solar lanterns, which will help you create a romantic atmosphere and add that rustic feel to your yard design. Additionally, if you have a swimming pool, consider various pool lighting options to make your evening swims even more enjoyable.

3. Refurbish Your Roofing

Refurbish Your Roofing

Having a rundown roof can destroy the appearance of your home and cause mildew and moisture damage to the interior of your house. Therefore, you must consider some quality roof options, such as copper roofing, and have it installed by reliable professionals. You’ll enhance the structural integrity of your home and increase its longevity.

4. Create Planter Beds

Create Planter Beds

If you love flowers and gardening, building planter beds will be a true adventure for you. Before choosing which flowers you want to plant, make sure to get rid of all the weeds and use colorful stones to border your beds. Finally, don’t forget that certain plants may require too much care, so it’s often safer to stick to some low-maintenance alternatives.

5. Invest In Quality Patio Furniture

Invest In Quality Patio Furniture

A nicely decorated patio can be perfect for barbecuing and birthday parties. However, if you want this experience to be truly enjoyable, you will need quality patio furniture like a stylish swing sofa or a hammock. Additionally, while exploring your options, remember to always go for materials like teak, wicker, and wrought iron which are resistant to the elements. Finally, you can go a step further and bring out a cozy rug which will further contribute to a relaxed atmosphere of your home’s exterior.

6. Add A Water Feature To Your Backyard

Add A Water Feature To Your Backyard

Lastly, introducing a beautiful water feature to your backyard will add personality to your outdoor space and make your home the talk of the town. You can either go for a small fountain or build an amazing stone pond. On top of that, an outdoor water wall can truly bring out the meaning of class and make your home look sophisticated and luxurious. This visually stunning décor will sweep all your friends off their feet.

As you can see, making the exterior of your home genuinely magnificent is not that hard after all. You need to get creative and not hesitate to make bold design moves. Finally, if you think you’ll need some help to successfully carry out all of this, contact professionals and rest assured that everything will be done properly.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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