6 Woodworking Must-Haves

On March 25, 2019 by Himanshu Shah

6 Woodworking Must-Haves

Whether you are trying out woodwork projects for the first time or expanding into a workshop, there is a need to have the right tools for the job. These tools can be for basic or special activities. You do not need all the woodwork tools to start, but it would not hurt if you had them. Below is a list of the six most versatile woodworking must-haves before getting started:

  1. Router And A Router Table

A router and a router table should be the first items on your list. A router is used to cut moldings, shape grains, and perfect edges. A router table is a stationary working top whose main job is to hold a mounted router in place and provide a working space when using a router. These two make the work easier and efficient as compared to working with a handheld router. A router table can also be used to join edges, just like a dedicated jointer. This makes it an awesome tool as it can do the work of two distinct tools at the price of one. To get a better understanding of how the router table works, view woodworknation.com for a comprehensive review.

  1. Assorted Saws

A saw is used for cutting. Woodworking saws are used to cut different types of styles on different types of wood. There are many wood saws out there. The difference seen in saws is due to their teeth size and cuts made on wood. Some achieve accurate and consistent cuts while others can be used to cut miters, curves, narrow slots, and dados. Some saws such as the table saw can be used to cut along the grain on large sheets of plywood. With proper skills, you can use them to cut out designs and shapes on your wood making it beautiful and creative. However, you can get a saw with the capabilities to do all that work and more with one saw and save money.

  1. Drill

A drill is used to make differently shaped and sized holes on wood for nails, wood screws, and bolts. These holes help pin and attach the wooden pieces for stability. A drill can also be used to drill out shapes and patterns on wood that makes them more appealing. A drill is mostly preferred for the accuracy achieved when making holes as this minimizes damages on the wood and replacement costs.

  1. Sanding Tools

After crafting and coming up with a perfect piece, it is important to give your wood proper sanding. Simple sandpaper or a sander can do this. You can go for manual or electric sanders depending on your budget and workload.

  1. Measuring Tools

When making wood items, measurements are a key factor to ensure you get the exact piece. To get correct sizes, use measuring tools such as tape measures and Vernier calipers. The measurements allow proper cuts for the length and edges. It also helps estimate the design and style to use on each piece.

  1. Safety Gadgets

Woodwork tools can cause accidents. You ought to be careful around them. It would help if you got protective clothes such as gloves and glasses. These clothes protect you from cuts and debris from getting in your eyes. Safety attires such as aprons protect your normal clothes from being ruined and torn by the wood.

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