7 Advantages Of Residential Solar Panels


Residential Solar Panels

Energy, like everything else, is more expensive nowadays. Rising energy costs and deregulation are two significant factors for this increased cost.

Consumers use different methods in their efforts to meet this increased expense. Wood burning heaters and stoves take care of the heating season, and simple fans and other contrived devices muster all the cooling power they can produce.

There are better choices for consumers who have less MacGyver resourcefulness. For those who are less rugged and prefer a cleaner, more permanent approach, solar panels are the ideal answer. Check out some of the more prominent solar panel advantages below.

Reduces Electrical Company Impact

Installing solar panels reduces the electric company’s role as a single power source. Consumers with total electric homes are pretty much at the mercy of the electricity companies. The company sets the rates, determines usage amounts, and calculates consumer bills.

Paying consumers to have no control or say-so over the rates they pay and electricity costs. Carefully monitoring and recording the amount of power used is one way of confirming the consumer is getting an accurate bill.

It is a relatively simple process. Read your meter every two weeks and write down the electrical energy difference between the two checks.

When the energy bill arrives, compare the amount charged on the actual proposal with the amount you recorded. The figures you recorded should match the figures on the bill.

A still better way to reduce electrical company impact is to install a supplemental energy source. It dramatically lessens the degree of control the energy company has.


Budgeting is another tricky issue for the electric company dependent customer. Most budgets will not accommodate frequent excessive spikes. During massive usage months, cost spikes are reasonably frequent. Too many of these can wreck a budget quickly.

The electric company’s solution is for the customer to pay a set amount each month. The major problem with this solution is that customers overpay for many months for the energy they do not consume. While this avoids spike months, it is not cost-effective for the consumer.

Lower Energy Bills

After initial installation costs are paid, the customer realizes real savings on his power bill. These savings mount exponentially over the months and years. Once a customer pays the first few bills with the installed panels, he can predict total cost more accurately and see an overall reduction.

Better For Environment

Solar energy is clean, natural energy. No coal or oil-based products are used to produce them. Using this kind of power makes for cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Lower Impact On Fossil Energy Resources

Lowering fossil fuel usage naturally preserves fossil fuel reserves. Using solar energy in conjunction with limited fossil fuel energy is excellent energy conservation and preservation practice. Protecting what we have extends the years of available use for future generations.

State And Federal Incentives

State and federal energy agencies, realizing the impact of reduced fossil fuel emissions, offer consumer incentives for solar energy use. These incentives further reduce the cost of solar energy use. Different states provide different programs to encourage solar energy consumption. Check the available incentive programs for your particular state.

Low Maintenance Costs

Having the panels installed by professional, experienced crew results in little maintenance cost. Contrary to what many believe, solar panel maintenance cost is generally minimal—regular mounting and connection checks and cleaning, where necessary, are the two most common maintenance necessities. Your solar panel installer might have additional maintenance standards.


Quality solar panels are made from very durable materials. Installers use simple but effective and robust mounting systems, and their connections to your existing electrical system are industry approved.

Best quality mounting practices and strong electrical connections ensure long panel life. It means the customer will not need to worry about the frequent replacement of the solar panels.

Apart from damage from heavy falling objects or intentional vandalism, high-quality solar panels are incredibly durable.

This durability means the homeowner will have a stable, secure solar energy source for many years to come with minimal upkeep and expense.


Help keep the environment clean and healthy for all while enjoying many years of reduced energy consumption savings by installing solar panels. Rockhampton Solar Power Gem Energy is an experienced residential solar panel installer, and we are eager to share the clean energy experience solar panels afford.

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  1. I’d like to thank you for setting my expectations on what happens when you successfully install solar panels for your house. Seeing a drastic cost reduction in my energy bills after a few years could prove to be an excellent investment for us since we have no plans of changing address anytime soon. Once I find a solar panel dealer in the area, I’ll definitely ask for their help in installing some.


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  3. I like that you pointed out how using solar panels makes for cleaner air and a healthier environment. Our energy bills have been quite high lately so we are trying to think up of ways on how we could lower it. Using solar energy seems like a really good idea, so we are starting to consider on calling solar panel installation services.



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