7 Best Ideas To Maximize The Space Of Your Small Bedroom


Are you tired of stumbling and jumping over things in your crowded tiny bedroom? Small bedrooms are a challenge for any interior designer, but with the help of our tips, you can do this on your own. If you are frustrated by the current situation in your bedroom, think about your bedroom as a jigsaw puzzle. It is all about finding the right position for every item and being creative.

  1. The Minimalistic Approach

The Minimalistic Approach

If you want your room to look neat, you need to have a simple layout. Your bed should be placed as a centerpiece, with enough space to walk around it, if possible. Consider checking mattress size comparison charts to find the perfect size and form that fits your bedroom. You can play with pillows and throw blankets to add some details and pop of color to it. You can check out Fluffythrowblankets.com for gorgeous soft throw blankets. Curate other furniture items around your bed. Built-in closets can be handy, include a nightstand, and go for it if anything else can fit in.

  1. Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions

Plenty of natural lighting can make any space look bigger than it is, so it is recommended to use large windows, especially for tiny rooms. Placing long curtains from the ceiling to the floor will make your walls look higher. If you cannot get the maximum out of your windows, then using a chandelier and a few smaller table lamps will do the trick. Also, mirrors are another great way to create that illusion of a more spacious bedroom.

  1. Playful Colors

Playful Colors

Using bright shades for the walls and main pieces of furniture allows you to go crazy with the details. Once your room is like a blank canvas, you can start playing with modern wall posters in bold colors, colorful pillows, flowers, curtains, etc. However, that does not mean that small spaces cannot have walls or furniture in darker shades, they can, but the risk of making your tiny room appeal even smaller is higher. Perhaps painting the center wall only or putting a playful wallpaper on it is a better idea.

  1. Declutter


Try removing all the things you do not use or you do not need in your bedroom. Things like old magazines, old clothes, bags, anything that you have not used in the last year. Avoid having a lot of stuff on display. Use drawer organizers to arrange some of the things you use daily; do not scatter them all around the room. It will save you some time on dusting, and your space will look tidy.

  1. Be Wise

Small Working Desk Or A Coffee Table

If the bedroom is so small that you do not have the space for a small working desk or a coffee table, one option is to use window sills as a storage space. Books, picture frames, flower pots, lamps, or candles can all be arranged there and help you get another tremendous and bright area for storage.

  1. Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

Convertible furniture pieces can be a lifesaver for small bedrooms. A bed that can be converted into a sofa or pulled up against the wall, foldable chairs, and tables, and many more multifunctional pieces that are out there have everything you need for a small but functional bedroom.

  1. Trends

Bedroom Design Trends

One particular interior design trend that is ideal for small bedrooms is when people place most of their stuff right on the floor. A large mirror, lamps, plants, books, magazines, pictures, all carefully arranged on the floor in front of a blank wall. Everything you would usually put on a shelf or a table can go on the floor, and it looks so aesthetically pleasing. However, the only downside of this picture-perfect scenario is that when it gets to cleaning and dusting, it is not so fun anymore.

The Bottom Line

Small rooms can also look like the ones from the covers of interior design magazines. So do not just let it go, because a beautiful-looking bedroom is much more than just that. That room should be your sanctuary, and you want your sleep environment to be cozy and comfortable. Do not hesitate to make changes. Follow some of our tips to see the difference today.

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